Conservatives Target Incumbents; Dems Prefer Establishment

From Gallup:

Registered voters are nearly twice as likely to say they would rather vote for a congressional candidate with no prior experience in Congress as to say they would vote for one who has previously served in Congress. This view, however, is not shared by all party groups, as Democrats are slightly more likely to favor a candidate with congressional experience.

These party differences may reflect the fact that Democrats currently hold the majority of seats in Congress, so the more incumbents who are re-elected, presumably the better for the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, only as many as one in four independents or Republicans seem to place a high value on congressional experience this year.

It’s funny to me the importance placed upon “congressional experience” over say, executive experience, experience with small business. Note that the Dems believe establishment candidates are better picks for the fall, whereas many GOP just want to clean house. This is why independents are “deserting the Democrats in droves” and why four in ten tea partiers are Dems or indies.