Please, Newsweek. Stop with the Fake Chivalry

Newsweek has it’s manties in a bunch over Right Wing News’s “20 Hottest Conservative Women in New Media” list which, yours truly, was very flattered to have topped for the second year in a row.

Isn’t it sweet of Newsweek to suddenly care about women’s feelings? A magazine which ignored the “hate f*ck” piece on conservative women which ran a couple of years ago, a magazine which published a Runner’s World photo of Palin on its cover with the condescending headline: “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sarah? She’s Bad News for the GOP — and for Everybody Else, Too.” The difference? Newsweek approached and presented its piece in a condescending manner. RWN celebrated how some of its favorite ladies in new media also happen to be lookers, too. For Newsweek to compare a complimentary piece from RWN to its smart-alecked little cover feature on Palin is laughable; RWN didn’t begin with the premise that conservative women are “problems” to be solved by either liberals or the GOP establishment patriarchy. If we’re to discuss respect for the female sex, let’s begin with the respect shown in the way that each outlet approached the topic of profiling women — by that measure alone Newsweek loses.

Newsweek is behaving like a jealous sorority girl.

… by any sensible standard, it’s clear-cut sexism: women trying to compete on the same intellectual playing field as the men being ranked for how sexy they look in their online profile, not how scathingly they dissect Obamacare.

Looks and intellectual prowess aren’t the same thing; interesting perspective from a publication whose weak excuse for the Palin cover was “It was the most interesting image to illustrate the theme of the cover.”

I’ll straight-up admit that as a chick, looks are powerful, an asset. I and other women on this list don’t pretend. Would it be sexist towards us to use our advantages to disarm others, if we were in truth the predators rather than the prey? Ignoring such a truth just solidifies the “women are stupid and helpless” leftist narrative.

Are we to assume that Newsweek thinks that complimenting a woman’s looks is an insult? I’d bet on any of these ladies on this list against any man any day of the week; it’s even better because they’re all good-looking. If Newsweek is really trying that hard to confuse a fun contest with a measure of intelligence then they just proved my point the the left is predominately more sexist than the right could ever aspire to be simply because they can’t separate a woman’s body from her mind; we can celebrate both when they exist simultaneously. These women have proven themselves on an intellectual level, thus their inclusion on the list.

I’ve heard the left whining and crying about how the one-sheets for each of these women weren’t provided in the article; oh, here, LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU. Geez, I didn’t even break a sweat. Are your fingers broken? If you have to Google the name of any woman on that list then I hope you don’t take yourself too seriously as a pundit. Sad that the only time some, including Newsweek, took the time to write about any of these accomplished women was to critique their inclusion in a fun contest that was, by way of not taking itself too seriously, more respectful of conservative women than any such write-up I’ve seen in online pulp liberal.

Newsweek accuses conservatives of being inconsistent since they are not protesting this list the way that they lamented the condescending Newsweek cover. Frankly, I think that Newsweek is butthurt because they expected their cover to be a crumb for the conservatives and were perhaps upset when the issue didn’t sell. Newsweek is for sale, after all.

The failure of the right-wing “values” crowd to decry contests like this is bad for them—it undermines their standing to comment on gender—and, most important, bad for women.

The failure of the left to recognize sexism is bad for women. “Values,” what, Christian values? I’m well-versed in Scripture, I’d love for one of the Newsweek bloggers to show me where in the Gospels it forbids the innocent, not malicious “hate f*cking” compliment of an attractive woman. It’s a sad attempt to hook the right with their own values and it only serves to amplify the left’s prejudiced stereotype of conservatives: we have no fun, we only listen to gospel, we surely can’t appreciate God’s work in the beauty or handsomeness of another human. Those “values” include celebrating women, not tearing them down by way of making them appear weak, befuddled, to blame for the problems of Republican men, and as a “problem” which requires immediate attention.

Now, had RWN published a list of attractive women under the headline “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Attractive Conservative Women in New Media” presupposing that we were a problem waiting to be solved, that would be a different issue. But it’s not. That scenario was posed by a liberal male author.

Of course.

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