Email: The “Take Our Ball and Go Home” Strategy

From Joesph. The majority of the election-related mail has been FTW! but the below is representative of a smaller amount of dissent I’m receiving and it all has the same vibe:

I appreciate the work you do and I agree with you on the issues but not this. No way. I’m not galvanizing behind any of these people. Carly Fiornia in California? Are you mad? Have you lost touch? I know it’s a blue state but we should have someone more to the right of the issues than her. I will not hold my nose for another candidate the Republican Party force feeds me and I will not support the lesser of the two evils in a race any longer.

Facepalm. Well then let’s just call Boxer and concede. I’m sure conservatives will have a better chance at righting the country under Boxer than Fiorina. Oh. Right.

I’m just going to quote myself at this point.

We went through the strategy of “teaching the GOP a lesson” during the last general election. I had multitudes of listeners calling into my show confessing that they voted for Obama or not at all just to teach the GOP a lesson for nominating McCain. McCain, it was said, wavers on energy. McCain is a big spender. McCain is a RINO. McCain’s daughter is endlessly annoying. The lack of conservative turnout, coupled with the vengeful voting (the lion’s share of the blame falling on an irresponsible GOP who nominated a weak candidate with a bad campaign) contributed to an Obama win. Do you see how well that strategy has served us? Let’s see, we now have a socialized auto industry, health care, a tripled deficit, horrible foreign relations, a looming crisis with cap-and-tax, a financial reform bill that threatens to completely destroy small business and further jack up the economy, shall I continue? That’s how well that strategy has served us. I’m not going to even mention the Supreme Court nominations, the placation of Europe over American constituents …


Still OK with McCain strategy of teaching lessons, not backing the “best chance” candidate?

Because this will happen again if we don’t galvanize this fall. Don’t bother discussing 2012, it won’t matter if we can’t get it together to even get a foothold for 2010 because that’s what we don’t have right now: a foothold.

Folks, I can’t imagine a greater payback than dogging these folks’ every single step for every day of their terms. They fall out of line and we make their political life hell – but and I mean BUT: that is going with the premise that nothing but RINOs won last night. Did we watch the same races? Real, actual races? Fiorina, with a Palin endorsement, won in liberal Cali. Uber conservative tea party fave Angle won in Nevada, and tea party fave Haley won (Barrett doesn’t stand a chance in the runoff) in South Carolina, Tom Graves in Georgia, etc. It serves to hurt the movement to blow the Fiorina win out of proportion and to make such a blanket statement. It hurts the movement and frankly, seems uninformed. Sure, I liked DeVore, but we got what we got and if we’re competent at strategy with that race we’ll find a way to make it work for us.

I say this as an independent who votes for the most conservative candidates who happen to be Republicans most of the time: People take the coward’s way out and act like they have nothing to do with who the GOP selects as candidates. Do you know why? It’s because people have sat on their asses for years and years and years – conservative APATHY has gotten us in this mess. Do you realize how few precinct committeemen were actually conservative in this country when so many slots were open?? The lack of support in GOP meetings at the local level? The same people screaming for accountability in government at the federal level can’t even be bothered to shape the challengers to the very people against whom they rail yet somehow it’s not their fault. Has the liberal mentality permeated so deep in the mindset of society that we can’t realize when we’re being screwed by cultural political indoctrination?

People keep talking of how they held their nose last election: no, no they didn’t. Republicans and conservatives had super low turnout. I remember. I lived and breathed this election for 24 straight hours and before that the campaigning. I was a Fred Thompson girl and was infuriated when he botched his campaign, further ticked when McCain cinched the nomination because all these conservatives hollering now WERE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND IN THE CANDIDATE ELECTION PROCESS. We did the strategy of “teaching the GOP a lesson. Twice. If people are unhappy with the candidates who won then you have to ask yourself: how much effort did YOU put into pushing forth these candidates or did you just do the minimum, or none at all, and warm your hands by another patriot’s fire?

We reap what we sow. I’m not worried about liberalism so much as I’m worried about conservatism because good conservatism stops liberalism in its tracks. Apathy kills conservatism, not liberalism.

Another thing: Just as Scott Brown is the reddest candidate we will ever get in blue MA, Fiorina is the reddest candidate we can get in ultra blue CA with two liberal power cities. If you don’t like that then move there, breed like crazy, and populate the blue out of existence, or move there and become a tireless liberty evangelist. Being good at strategy means maximizing what you’ve got and making it work for the GOAL.

I have faith in us, we can do it. YES WE CAN! Heh.