Super Tuesday

Midterm primaries are the place to hash out your frontrunners; after the ballots are counted and the winners declared, I don’t care if your pick was defeated, you solidify, march on, and try better to clean your house next time. Twelve states have primaries or special elections (Georgia, Arkansas) tomorrow, the results of which may indicate what’s to come this November. A few of the races I’m watching below.

Bullet form.


– The gubernatorial primary is an all-out war with grassroots favorite Nikki Haley in a 16-point lead. Interestingly, no one knew or cared who this state legislator was until she began beating the men in the polls, that’s when good ol’boy – Haley’s challenger and the Lt. Governor – Andre Bauer’s paid assassin former consultant decided, in the 11th hour, to claim a one-night-stand with Haley. Blogger/lobbyist with Bauer ties Will Folks also claimed a relationship with her, despite the fact that no supporting evidence exists. The only interesting thing about their claims is the timing and their ties to Haley’s opponent. Bauer’s biggest supporter, Jake Knotts, later called Haley a “raghead” because of her Indian heritage. Klassy. Between us, I think Baue is a sexist son-of-a-redacted that I wouldn’t trust around my adolescent daughter, had I one. I feel my stereotypical view of the southern state is contributing to my shock at the level of utter sleaze waged in this political slapfest.


Nevada is a toss-up this fall and the primaries are one of the races to watch. Grassroots favored both Sharron Angle and Sue Lowden particularly, Angle more, especially as top conservative bloggers have rallied around her. She’s easy to like: she favors privatizing social security and is enough of a threat that an Angle win would force Democrats to implement the strategy of lumping tea party picks together and labeling them as extremists. Sue Lowden maintains that she poses the biggest threat to Harry Reid, whom the primary winner will face this fall. It will be a lot for Angle to take on Reid, just as much as Lowden. Real Clear Politics hits Lowden with this:

Lowden and her husband gave $5,000 to Reid between 1984 and 1989 but she says it was “at a time when Harry Reid was in a position to harm our business” without elaborating.


The vicious run-off senate race between Dems incumbent Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Halter is the more liberal of the two and Lincoln provided some nail-biting moments for Democrats during her waffling on the health care legislation.


Carly Fiornia leads RINO Tom Campbell and tea party favorite Chuck DeVore by +22 points. DeVore may be a favorite but when it comes to support, more tea partiers seem to be backing him in voice whereas they’re backing Fiornia in numbers; also the Palin endorsement was certainly a boost. When you can’t pick the best conservative in a race you pick the most conservative who can win. Are we at the point where we can change that outcome? It depends on tea party mobilization. We may see an indication after today’s elections.

–> Gubernatorial Race

It’s a millionaire-off between former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. She’s said she’ll spend $150 million to win this race and has spent $81 million already.

Final polls in the primaries.