Britain Falling Out of Love with Obama Over BP Mismanagement

Harsh considering The One ran his campaign like he was running for prom king.  This top headline from British paper Daily Mail:

Not only is Obama wrecking our economy, but now his share of the blame – his heinous standards and even worse calls under his MMS man Ken Salazar which contributed to the rig explosion, a rig that the Obama admin once called the “industry standard for safety” — the mistakes of his administration are also having a negative impact on the British economy:

Since the accident on April 20, BP  –  which accounts for £1 in every £7 paid out in dividends to British pension pots  –  has lost £55billion from its stock market value.

The continuing fall threatens the wider economy because most British insurance companies, building societies and pension funds have large holdings of the firm’s shares.

After shredding foreign relations with Israel, Obama’s handling of the disaster (and his refusal to meet with the CEO whose ass he talked of kicking and whose neck Robert Gibbs talked of stepping on, what great WWE-esque talk) now our relationship with Britain:

Last night, as Britain and the U.S. stood on the brink of a major diplomatic crisis:

  • One of Britain’s leading businessmen wrote an extraordinary open letter to President Obama attacking his ‘prejudicial and personal’ stance against BP;
  • Experts said the failure to stem the damage from the spill had left the beleaguered firm vulnerable to a takeover or even ‘Chapter 11’ bankruptcy in America;
  • Downing Street said Mr Cameron will speak to President Obama about the disaster for the first time this weekend, as it emerged that the pair have not spoken formally since a congratulatory call on the day the Tory PM entered No 10;
  • A BP petrol station came under attack in the U.S. as calls for a boycott of its forecourts gathered pace;
  • Fears grew that BP is considering scrapping payouts to shareholders to appease American anger, hitting millions of pensions in Britain.

Until now, the Government has attempted to keep its distance from the row caused by the massive oil leak following an explosion on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

But amid growing warnings from business leaders and MPs that the White House’s rhetoric is fuelling a collapse in confidence in the company’s future, Mr Cameron has now been dragged to the heart of the affair.

All because he sheltered the Deepwater Horizon from a regulation.