Murkowski EPA Bid Defeated by Big Gov’t

Unreal. Today congress defeated Lisa Murkowski’s amendment which would have barred the EPA from the draconian practice of inserting itself into every aspect of business. Forget that global warming is nothing more than an unproven theory which has half of the scientific community railing against it, forget that it was dismissed in mockumentaries in Britain as “propaganda.” Forget the facts laid out by Penn and Teller (language, but a great show):


That last one is where the Greepeace founder says that politicos and social activists hijacked the environmental movement with unfounded BS.

Amazing, a naturally-occurring gas emitted by plants can be classified as toxic.

Based on desire to implement an agenda which centralizes control of every aspect of business at the federal level, congress voted to continue allowing the environment to serve as cover for EPA control. From the AP via Hoft:

Supporters of the measure, mostly Republicans, argued that the EPA had usurped the authority of Congress to set climate policy and that the EPA regulations would increase energy costs and kill jobs.

The left spins the bid as siding with the oil companies while the left themselves are fully siding with special interests and the snake oil green industry from which numerous members of their party greatly benefit. Dems knew that cap-and-tax would be a killer not just on their political careers, but on the economy as a whole. This move satiates the desire to retain federal control over the private sector without going full-on socialist by regulating every aspect of energy.

Despite the fact that this level of EPA control is antithetical to the Constitutional allowances of what the federal government is allowed to control at the state level, despite the fact the the findings used to shore up the EPA justification for control are themselves a point of contention, Sen. Claire McCaskill voted to subject her constituents to continued big government. The administration, and McCaskill with her support, refuses to address the root problem preventing energy independence, their neophytic policies create the very problem they use as an excuse to push these “remedies.”