Thanks, Warren County

Photo courtesy Keyboard Militia

Last night was a beautiful summer evening and 1,000 patriots turned out to the Warren County Fairgrounds (Great job Joe M. and team!) I was too busy talking to everyone and keeping my kids off a massive mudpile to take photos but Jim Hoft and Keyboard Militia can always be counted upon to get some great shots.

I spoke about the eagerness of the media to report that the tea parties are dead. I wrote at length about this here and here and while some may be just as eager to miss the point of my remarks (“When is it the calmest?” I asked during my speech. “Right before the storm.”) I’m not bothered. Those who want to score political points now by underestimating the strength of their opponents and being completely unprepared come fall, well, that’s alright by me.

Photo courtesy Keyboard Militia

Big thanks to Mike Schutte at Promotional Products and Signs for printing the new Dana Show t-shirts. He called our promotions guy at the station one day and asked if he could print of 150 for free because he liked the show that much. I’ve never had a t-shirt (you know what I mean). The quality is great, too. Call Mike at 314.277.8599 if you need any such thing done.

As I mentioned, we’re in the dip. Bill Hennessy writes about the phrase and meaning, popularized by Seth Godin, at the link.

That ascension there you see is 2012, at least, when you consider the variables to mean tea party effort. If people didn’t get tired it would mean that they’re robots. These aren’t professional activists like they have on the left. The left has ACORN, they have OFA, they have dozens of little Soros groups who put ads even on Craigslist advertising for activists. They have mass-produced signs and the like. The people on the right buy the materials to make their signs at Office Depot, et al. and pack up their families to go to tea party rallies. They usually use their vacation days for petitioning, rallying, neighborhood outreach, and protesting; it gives a whole new meaning to the term “sandwich generation.” We spent a year stalling out health care before the socialists disregarded the Constitution entirely (hey, get ready for a million folks to lose coverage this September!) and socialized health care.

They want to make drugs and everything else legal EXCEPT the freedom to form and own your own health care policy. That’s rich. We have a president who wants to nationalize the auto industry, health care, finance, energy, everything BUT immigration. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who will be a guest on my show Monday, begged for federal help with border enforcement for months before Arizona decided to pass a law less stringent than the federal statute.

The movement has now awakened the country. Critics should fear if the tea party wanes. Experienced politicos know that it means something else. The movement is the Paul Revere vehicle. The means through which now Obama wouldn’t get elected today (of course, his blunders take some of that credit, too, the tea party helped organize the frustrated in light of them) if we were to take a vote. He’s got a 46% disapproval rating averaged from seven polls which show an equally high negative. The majority of the country says its on the wrong track.

Critics need to focus on declaring the tea party dead because it’s the only strategy they have, besides “Blame Bush,” since the only other alternative is for this administration to change policies but that’s not going to happen.

The tea party is evolving and regrouping, as I said earlier. First the media downplayed the tea party effect; now they’re playing it up due to the WaPo poll. Hysterical. I encourage all fools to continue focusing their efforts on downplaying it; it provides great cover for us to actually get things done.