Unconscionable: Mob Yells for Suicidal Man to Jump

Sickening. A man who couldn’t get his debilitating skin disease by that wonderful British health care was encouraged to jump to his death by a crowd of hateful onlookers:

PC John Clarke, of Avon and Somerset police, told the hearing of the taunts made by drivers.

‘At some stage the northbound traffic was stopped. This was a great help in negotiating with Paul.

‘But people started shouting ‘jump you ****er’ and ‘jump you b******’.

‘Tears were rolling down his face at that point. He had heard them and one of the shouts was re-enforced with a lorry horn sounding.’


Firefighter Derrick Hone tried to haul Paul to safety using his belt as leverage as a cup of tea was passed to him, but then watched in horror as the man hurled himself 100ft to his death.

Mr Hone said: ‘I managed to yank him back but he wriggled to the edge of the stanchion.

‘He got over the edge and something just went. I thought it was the belt but I had dislocated my little finger. His T-shirt caught on the stanchion and then he went.’

A lifeboat went to help the stricken man but he was pronounced dead in the water.