I like this entry a lot, and not just because the author gives me a fabulous magician’s name (thanks!) either, but because he wrote something that made me feel very glad to have trudged on and acclimated to a new way of life, one I didn’t think I’d be living several years ago:

Prior to the demonization of dissent by the left, Dana was best known as a “mommie blogger” with wit, wisdom and a realistic outlook. She suffered the slings and arrows of intense hate from the left after expressing her political views, and now has settled into her role with calm determination. There was a time I was afraid she would hang up her blogging pen, but she survived the onslaught and soldiers on.


While publications like the Economist fret that the Tea Party movement will move Republicans to the dreaded right and political obscurity, Dana recognizes a hard truth: the Tea Party movement will force Republicans back to their roots. And in so doing will kill itself.

That last graph comes close to nailing it. Selfless quasi-suicide, a better evolution born to drag all politics up straight since everything has been gradually leaning so far left for quite awhile. It’s a success that many on the left don’t want to see because with the evolution of the tea party movement comes its success and that’s the very thing they want to avoid so as to prevent the success from occurring. I don’t think the movement will ever disappear entirely; the spirit of Paul Revere, inherent to this movement, will survive and remain in case its needed once again for warning.

The earlier graph precisely illuminates the struggle I had with the difficult transition of moving, or rather straddling, two different niches in the blogosphere. I love it too much to ever stop.