Girl Shriek: Nerds Create World’s First Lightsaber


Photo: Wicked Lasers

Star Wars fans rejoice: someone has finally succeeded in creating a working lightsaber. And it can be yours for only US$197.97.

Hong Kong company Wicked Lasers has manufactured “the most dangerous laser ever created,” a lightsaber with a blue beam that can burn retinas and set skin on fire.

The Spyder III Pro Arctic features a 1 watt laser the company warns is the most powerful portable laser available. The beam is a thousand times more powerful than sunlight on skin and the manufacturer warns it could cause cancer.

Except for that last part, total FTW!

$197? That’s cheaper than an iPad! Sure, you can read crap on that giant iPhone-that-isn’t-a-phone-and-doesn’t-support-flash-or-run-multiple-apps-without-an-app-as-opposed-to-its-actual-OS (yet oddly, I still want one) but why on earth would you do that when you could have a freaking lightsaber? You may be bored on the plane whilst reading Sky Mall (or Sky Maul) but confident knowing that at home or in your checked luggage rests a retina-burning tool used by Siths and Jedis for ages.