Discussing the Second Amendment: An Equal Rights Issue

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When James Carville waved his arms about and said that’s how he defines “arms” in the Second Amendment, that was one of my favorite moments on television, ever. Also the part where he talked about owning guns but being against … owning them. (We also discussed Petraeus, Kagan, and Byrd.)

Arms are firearms. Even machine guns. Arms are arms. My favorite from the comments:

Everyone knows that when you hold a gun the gun takes controll of you and you kill. It is never the person’s fault. If we get rid of guns killing will stop.

Even Gary Larson got it right in one of his “Far Side” comics: “Ray guns don’t vaporize Zarbonians. Zarbonians vaporize Zarbonians.” We have a breakdown in society when it comes to the family, honoring life, and people are surprised that others would implement tools with which to harm them?

When you prohibit law-abiding citizens from owning guns then only criminals will have them because criminals, by definition, are people who don’t follow laws. There is ample proof that when people are allowed to conceal-carry the crime rates drop.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, too: guns are a feminist statement. Some women believe in cosmetic girl power, the Hollywood romanticized portrayal of chicks like Lara Croft who can raid tombs and also display an uncanny mixed martial arts ability when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Hey, I’ve had training in hand-to-hand, too, but I also realize physical limitations in certain instances and I want to level the field between the sexes.

Can you imagine what would have happened to this woman had she not had a firearm with which to defend herself?

‘I’ve got a big shotgun, I’m not going in a tiny bathroom.”

Or what about this woman?

Can you imagine what sort of statistic these women would have become? People are willing to play politics with the lives of women, not to mention innocent men as well, because of some BS political correctness and ignorance-fueled fear of firearms. Those who want to take away the Constitutional rights of people to protect themselves, are you going to be there to protect those people? You honestly expect the police, who have no Constitutional obligation to protect you, as demonstrated by the Supreme Court in Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, to care for you? In fact, several cases affirm this lack of Constitutional obligation.

Slight digression: How is that empowerment for women anyway, to make your protection the responsibility of the state? Not very independent.

So heck yes I’m for the Second Amendment. Unapologetically.

Glenn Reynolds has a few excellent write-ups about the Chicago case.

Also check out the gun ban’s racist roots.