STLTP at the Game, Plus LaRussa: I’m a Supporter of What AZ is Doing”

Reboot Congress has a good write-up as well, so also does Sharp. The Southern Illinois Tea Party rooted for the Cards while showing support for Arizona on Monday and yesterday the St. Louis Tea Party showed their support. We wore our Cardinal red and sat with our Arizona flags.

From KSDK:

With Arizona is in town taking on the Red Birds, some local tea party members came to Busch Stadium to show support for the State of Arizona and the state’s controversial new immigration law.

We’re supporting the State of Arizona in simply guarding the borders,” said St. Louis Tea Party Member James Durbin.

Some 46 members of the St. Louis Tea Party took in Tuesday night’s Cardinals match-up against the Arizona Diamondbacks.


The Cardinals organization declined our request for an on-camera interview Tuesday night, but they did describe Busch Stadium as a “big tent” where people of all perspectives are welcome.

Amazing. True diversty. Refreshing.

Also from KSDK:

Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa says he stands behind what Arizona is doing in terms of immigration.

During an interview before tonight’s game against the Diamondbacks, he had little to say when asked about a contingency from the local Tea Party that planned to show its support for Arizona and its controversial new immigration law in the stands.  In fact, he said he didn’t even know they were coming.

LaRussa did say he felt any kind of political demonstrations being made in the stands would be easy for his team to ignore.

He also voiced his support for Arizona’s new approach to immigration. “This is America. You are supposed to have opinions and disagree,” he said.  “I’m actually a supporter of what Arizona is doing… you know if people don’t fix their problems they have to take care of it themselves.”

Don’t you love it when people reaffirm the beauty of liberty and sports can be sports, as opposed to “Los Suns?”