IL Dems Trying to Force Black Conservative Woman off Ballot?

That’s what a little bird tells me.

What happens when Democrats are forced to cannibalize two of the main voting blocks they exploit the most for personal gain? AWK-WARD.

Her name is Cedra CrenshawFrom Illinois Review:

Wilhelmi, she says, is clearly a part of the Chicago machine although he’s based in Joliet. A faithful go-along vote with the Democrats, Wilhelmi is a part of the state’s problems, and ousting him along with other lawmakers who’ve created the embarrassing state budget crisis is just what Illinois needs, Crenshaw says.

And that’s just enough energy and threat from Republican ranks to scare the Democrats into doing everything they can to scratch Crenshaw off the November ballot. She’s got enough acceptable petition signatures to get on the ballot. But her candidacy is still in limbo because the Senate Democrats insist that accompanying paperwork may not have been filed on time, although the reason for the lack of clarification is because the Illinois election law itself was in transition.

Word is that Dems are pulling a maneuver this week to effectively axe her from the ballot once and for all.

Story developing as I get more information.

All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be the party, Chicago machine or not, that employs dirty tricks to disenfranchise Crenshaw.