Update on the Dem War Against Cedra Crenshaw

A follow-up to the piece I posted yesterday. From BigGov:

Why is the machine afraid?  Because a new class of leadership is starting to develop.  These new leaders threaten to end the shell game of taxes, politics, and patronage. Cedra Crenshaw is one of those new leaders, and she’s is running for state senate against one of the Chicago Machine’s rubber-stamp apparatchiks.


So what is the Chicago Machine doing?  They are using political tricks intentionally written into Illinois unconstitutional election code.  These tricks, written in Springfield and honed in Chicago,  have brought out President Barack Obama’s top Illinois election lawyer and the General Council of the Illinois Democratic Party, Michael Kasper to challenge Crenshaw’s candidacy.


The arguments that Kasper used were the same arguments that have been rejected by the Cook County Board of Elections.  The local papers have editorialized on Crenshaw’s behalf.  After five weeks of consideration, word is that sometime today- on Friday before the 4th of July, while everyone is on vacation- the Will County (Democrat dominated) Board of Elections is going to railroad Crenshaw’s candidacy.

We must all go forward together, or it all ends right here!

Immediately, Crenshaw’s legal team will appeal the insider election board’s decision to the circuit court of appeals.  All legal experts agree that she’ll win that appeal. DONATE TO CAMPAIGN FOR LEGAL DEFENSE. In question is a new state law that conflicts with the old law in regards to candidate nominating process.  Crenshaw handled her process in the same manner that similar Democrats handled their processes under the new law!

Listen for Crenshaw on today’s show.