About That Tea Party History Stuff

There’s been a lot said about where the Tea Party came from and how closely the modern day Tea Partiers associate themselves with the original Boston Tea Party Patriots.  Needless to say, the views on the origin are as varied as the millions of Americans who view themselves as Tea Party supporters and members – but the basic principle of freedom is the binding agent.

This post on the origins of the Boston Tea Party points out the original furor over the Tea Party was caused by a tax cut, not tax raises.  This is true, if you want to parse words, but the colonists didn’t dump tea in the harbor because it was going to cost them less – it’s because they say the Townshend duties for what they really were – big government attempting to buy them off to favor the politically connected. The British East India Tea Company was able to get tea to the colonists cheaply, but at the price of being the only supplier.  Small businesses and entrepreneurs would have been wiped out, and the monopoly pricing that at first seemed cheap would later be raised on the whims of the same government that wiped out the competition.

This scenario is exactly the scam run by the Left when it comes to healthcare and “tax cuts.”

Legislating small tax credits (in reality, wealth redistribution from those paying taxes to thnow ose who do not pay taxes) allows Obama to claim he cut taxes (a key claim to getting elected). Once in office, he will now allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, as well as pushing fees from healthcare and cap and trade onto the consumers.  This will cost far more than simply leaving us alone, but using the “trick” of tax cuts for everyone under $250K,  the government claims for itself more power.  They give you a little of your money back to get power, and then take more of your money because you agreed to give them that power (and let’s not even get started on the idea of any President or Congress “giving” us tax cuts – they give us money back, or they give us money they took from other people).

It’s the same for employers in healthcare.  At first, the economic sense in Obamacare says to dump your employees into the public plan, paying the $2-3000 fine because it’s cheaper than paying insurance companies for a health plan.  As more and more people go on the public plan, private insurance is wiped out, and then the government will step in and say they need more.  Since they are the only game in town (after wiping out the competition),that $2-3000 fine will grow, to $4000, $5000, and maybe higher based on your salary.  In a few short years, you’re paying more than you did under private care, but you’re stuck with government insurance, and no options.

This is what the Tea Party understood, from the stimulus to cap and trade to healthcare.  The government wants more power, and they seek to bribe the public to get enough votes to seize more control.  This is the connection between the Boston Tea Party and the modern day versions – we refuse to be blind to the growth of government, even when it’s supposed to be for our own good.