Alle Bautsch, Failed by Feminists

Jim Hoft has a follow-up on Alle Bautsch, the woman who, along with her boyfriend, were assaulted and savagely beaten by diversity-loving, tolerant leftists upon leaving a GOP fundraiser in NOLA.

The story has been buried and there will likely be no justice. Of course there won’t be any justice. Who cares about women’s rights and safety if that woman is a conservative.

Oddly silent ate the “feminists,” who usually suction on to anything they think can boost the relevancy. Gold claps to them for turning women’s rights into a schtick. Oh, but Bautsch is a conservative. She doesn’t fit the narrative. It would completely blow the branding if Americans got wind of just how many people have been beaten, threatened, and harassed by those tolerant socialists these past couple of years. It’s very hard to whip your voting bloc into a frenzy if that same bloc sees you behaving exactly like that which you’ve built an industry on vowing to fight. Instead of stopping the behavior, they simply omit it from press coverage and hope that the rule of recency finishes the job.

People ask why we see women leading this new grassroots movement? Because the third wave feminists were co-opted by beltway ideology and failed to do the job. They failed in representing women’s interests and have been convinced by Uncle Sam, the political equivalent of Hugh Hefner, to represent his interests over those of ALL women.

No better example of the moment than that of Alle Bautsch.