MoDot Spends $111k on Unneeded Signs

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Even though the existing signs posted around the state which welcomed drivers were 20-years-old, they were, as Elliot Davis notes, perfectly fine. Davis reports that 66 new “Welcome to Missouri” signs cost $111k.

But MoDot had to get them some of them thur new signs! It probably created about two jobs per sign for as long as it took to post the sign.

Instead of posting ads on Craigslist advertising for “activists” to protest in favor of HCR, perhaps the government can now post ads advertising the need for individuals to stand on various bridges and highway shoulders holding a sign made with materials purchased at Office Depot. Jobs created and economy stimulated! JEANYUS.

Why yes, Virginia, this is the same MoDot that folks just voted to be equally responsible with their money concerning city transit.