*UPDATED: Meet the New KKK: the NBPP

This is the man that Eric Holder and the DOJ dropped charges against even though he was the one intimidating voters by swinging a stick at them and yelling racial slurs outside of a polling place.

I would love to see how the left explains this one away. I would love to hear this administrations excuse as to the preferential treatment of thugs before the law, thugs who’ve threatened to kill adults and babies simply because the color of their skin.

File under: real angry mobs

*UPDATE: The National Geographic video? It was played at Shabazz’s April 27th hearing, the one to which they went dressed as jackbooted thugs:

After the opening statements and the reading of evidence into the record, the hearing continued with three videos: the atwo camera-phone videos shot at the polling place (now on YouTube), and clips from a National Geographic documentary about the NBPP that includes interviews with Chairman Shabazz and with the billy-club-wielding King Samir Shabazz. Mr. Billy Club talks about how much he hates and wants to kill white people, including white babies, and the documentary includes a very ugly scene (among many) in which he confronts an interracial couple in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

**MORE: The People’s Socialist Party took part in the New Black Panthers’ convention this year.