NYC Updates – Plus, STLTP Condemns NAACP Hypocrisy

Later this morning I’ll be on Fox’s Strategy Room.

Doug has video of last night’s O’Reilly:

The NAACP condemns the tea parties for what it says is “racist” behavior (racist meaning the defense of a beaten black man because he was conservative, not liberal); meanwhile the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP:

Whereas, the NAACP had an opportunity to preserve some semblance of legitimacy by standing up for Ken Gladney, the victim of a vicious racist battery conducted by a black avowed communist, even labeling him an “Uncle Tom”, but chose instead to use the opportunity to mock the St. Louis Tea Party, and

Whereas, the NAACP has refused to denounce the New Black Panther’s call to murder white cops and their babies, and

Whereas, the NAACP does its entire membership a grave disservice by hypocritically engaging in the very conduct it purports to oppose,

Now therefore be it resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP for lowering itself to the dishonorable position of a partisan political attack dog organization, and,

Be it further resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party calls on similar organizations to join in unanimous condemnation of this despicable behavior

When a group founded upon the advancement of civil rights places political ideology above civil rights, it ceases to serve the purpose for which it was originally formed and is now nothing more than another political organization.


St. Cloud stands with St. Louis