Unacceptable: Shields Removes Purgason for Not Bowing to UAW Pressure


Unable to convince a fellow Republican that offering $150 million in tax incentives is a good way to keep Ford Motor Co. from cutting 4,000 jobs in the state, the leader of the Missouri Senate has decided to drive around the one-man roadblock.

Two weeks ago, Sen. Chuck Purgason, R-Caulfield, blocked the key bill in the special session called by Gov. Jay Nixon, criticizing the state’s use of tax incentives for economic development.

On Monday, Sen. Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph, removed Purgason as chairman of the committee where the bill is stalled. Instead, Shields, the president pro tem of the committee, will lead a meeting today in which it is expected the bill will be voted out to the Senate floor.

Tax cuts across the board or none at all. No preference due to special interest pressure. If Shields and other RINOs are concerned about creating jobs, then make incentives available for all. Pinning the blame on Purgason to deflect from Shields’ caving to UAW is a joke – this from the same man who fought to block the Health Care Freedom Act.