NAACP to Stand Up to Left Bigotry?

Deneen Borelli is fantastic.

“They said those things about Condoleezza Rice … they said those things about Colin Powell …”

Who is THEY?

Where did those remarks come from?

Oh, they came from a LIBERAL talker.

When Gladney was called an uncle Tom, when Lt. Col. Allen West, Hermain Cain, Alfonzo Rachel, Cedra Crenshaw, Andre Harper, I could go on, are called racial slurs, where do those slurs, as reported by them, come from?

They come from the left.

I agree and am glad to see that the NAACP is going to stand up to the political ideology that purports to support its goals while tearing down members of the black community if they aren’t liberal. I’ve yet to see a liberal defend a black conservative – and it’s interesting to note: no one knew Kenneth Gladney’s politics before extending him the support he deserved. Frankly, I still don’t know the man’s politics, being that the first time I saw him was across the street at a rally where he was selling pro-Obama buttons. He’s a capitalist. That’s the extent of what people know. But of course, the right didn’t ask him to fill out a form and cite his political allegiance before determining whether or not we would help him.

When the left is willing to talk the talk and walk the walk, then we’ll get somewhere.

I hope Shelton keeps his word.