Today Missouri joins Kansas and Michigan in primary voting.

I’ll be voting YES on Prop C today, the proposition that restores true choice and freedom to Missourians by returning to them the right to choose whether they want to go on government health insurance or whether they want to stay or choose to pay for their own health insurance. It makes honest the President’s words about “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” It saves people from the hefty penalties and fines that come with paying your own way for your own choice; and as the individual mandate doesn’t kick in until 2014 – that’s only if Dems retain power after midterms and it’s not looking so hot – meaning that a lot can happen in that time, including de-funding and a total repeal.

It’s interesting how the MHA and other opposition tries to characterize people paying their own way and not burdening the system as “freeloaders” when they’ve said nothing about the massive cost that comes with adding 16,000 IRS agents to government payrolls (people subsidized!) to “enforce” health control, though they’ve confessed that they don’t have the funds to actually pay to enforce it. The opposition doesn’t want people to have a choice other than government care. They want to penalize people for NOT being dependent upon the government. Their version of equality is to kill all opportunity and have all opportunity run through the government alone. That’s not “equality.” It’s control. It’s what the MHA and opposition to Prop C are advocating.

If you want to make the President an honest man with his promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” without being fined for not buying a product from the government, an abuse of the commerce clause, if you want to be able to have a choice other than government care, if you want to be less of a burden on the system (again, remember, individual mandate not applicable until 2014 so that argument holds no water for now) then VOTE YES ON PROP C.