LaRouche Plants Strike Again

Backwater sites like Think Progress – who used copyrighted footage for their video sans permission of a crasher and falsely portrayed the crasher in a manner defamatory to the tea party movement – like to omit the fact that the Obama-Hitler signs (to say nothing that it was a trend started by the left and employed by them to this day, but they believe themselves exempt from apology) belong to LaRouchies.

In fact, check out my friend Evan Coyne Maloney’s documentary on just this liberal tactic:

Doug Edelman saw one such LaRouchie today out and about in west St. Louis County and stopped to take video. He writes:

The LaRouche loonies set up this “Impeach Obama” location, featuring an image of Obama as Hitler.

As this is NOT the way the Tea Party and other Conservative Patriots work, I sought to get some information from this woman so as to draw the contrast between the Larouche organization and real grassroots conservatives.

As I approached her, I took a photograph. This set her off, and she began a tirade that I had no right to photograph her without identifying myself. (While she is quite incorrect, as she had set herself up in a public place and made herself a public spectacle – thereby becoming NEWS…) I did identify myself. I then attempted to get SOME comment on video.

Not only was she uncommunicative – but while I was sending email on my Blackberry from my car before departing the parking lot – the police arrived (she called them). Of course after explaining that I was simply exercising my first Amendment rights and was simply attempting to get her to comment – and was not intimidating or threatening her. They said they had no problem with me… and as I departed, she was taking down her display in the presence of the cops!

Click image for video

Hey, they learned it from the left.