KC Dem Politician Assaults Videographer?

Keepin’ it klassy!

Transcript, replete with pee-paw dialect:

“WHAAOOOP BAAAAA DAAAAAP I’ll know the sh*t outta you boi!”

“Really sir?”

From Jim Hoft:

On August 7, a supporter of Robin Carnahan assaulted an MOGOP videograpger in the parking lot in front of a County Democrat HQ while Carnahan was speaking inside. The assailant has been identified as Bill Skaggs, the Kansas City mayor pro tem (1st district councilman) and former member of the State House of Representatives (1982-2002).

Is it impossible for Carnahan supports to NOT get physical with folks? Geebus. Even if the videographer (the video doesn’t show) had been hollering at Skaggs, you ignore it. It’s not an excuse to get shove-y.