Pre-Teen Girl Loads Rifle, Scares Would-Be Burglars

Girl power.

When three teenage burglars pried open the door of a northwest Albuquerque home they had no idea they would be met by a brave little girl, police said Wednesday.

Alyssa Gutierrez, 11, took matters into her own hands Tuesday when police said when Miguel Marquez, Eduardo Zubiate and Jesus Quintana broke into her home.

Gutierrez armed herself with a loaded rifle.

“I was planning, if they came right next to me, I would shoot them,” Gutierrez said.

But Gutierrez, who will start sixth grade next week, never got the chance because she’d spooked the burglars.

This young lady is hardcore and unafraid, ready to defend herself against becoming yet another statistic in not just home invasions and burglary, but against possibly worse. She knew the serious nature of handling the firearm and knew how to handle it. Not sure I’m all up with an 11-year-old left home alone, even though she seems incredibly mature and one-year away from the age where many kids are left alone while parents work or run errands, but that’s beside the point: even at 11-years-old this young woman knew how to handle her defense proving once again that no one is ever too young to learn defensive techniques, firearm safety, and how to handle, etc. firearms, period.

(h/t BrooksBayne)