Prosecutor Lets Carnahan Firebomb Suspect Go?

Um, dude?

Police have released a man taken into custody Tuesday in connection with a firebombing at the campaign office of U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan.

The man, whose name was not made public, was let go after the prosecutor’s office declined to immediately issue charges. The case was “taken under advisement” by the prosecutor, a step that can mean more evidence is needed before a case can be made.

Does reporter Jake Wagman know what a “firebomb” is? From what I’ve seen of the carefully controlled photos in circulation, this looks nothing like the damage caused by such incendiary devices.

Jim Hoft has more.

Then there’s this report from KMOV Channel 4 reporter Mark Schnyder:

When I went by the building this morning I got a weird vibe.  I saw a campaign worker coming out of the back of the office with big Bread Company to-go bags.  I jokingly said, “Are you with Bread Company or the Carnahan campaign?”  He said, “Bread Company,” then tossed the bags in the dumpster and went to the front of the building, presumably back in the office.  Weird.

(I talked to a reporter at another station who worked on this story who told me when she was there, she met a campaign worker outside the building who also denied being associated with the campaign.  When she went inside to talk to a spokesperson, she saw that person who denied being with the campaign IN Carnahan’s office.)

OK, so now things seem a little … odd.

If this was the description of the incident

Firefighters responded after witnesses called about hearing broken glass and later smelling smoke at the office in the 7000 block of Chippewa Street in south St. Louis.

… that sounds infinity times more massive than what we see in the photos.

Who put out the fire? The fire department? Who reported the witness? Was he apprehended at home, where was he taken into custody? I wish we had these thing called journalists to report these facts.

Russ Carnahan may be a bad congressman, but he’s our bad congressman and if someone is bombing offices of elected officials in St. Louis then I want to see a federal investigation and that person shipped off to jail. No joke. In fact, I think an investigation is warranted considering it’s a FEDERAL OFFENSE to do such a thing to the office of an elected official.

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*Aimee writes: Either his staff spilled their bong and are trying to cover it up or his team is stupid enough to think they can bait James O’Keefe types to dig through his dumpster. Someone give them their own reality show.