Primary Super Slapfight!

Is anyone else glad that the primaries are over and the healing can begin? Here’s the shooting-star-the-more-you-know bit:

it’s healthy and encouraged for conservatives to fight over candidates and vet folks to find the best solution. After the boiling process, however, everyone needs to mop up the mess and hug it out. Hopefully that can now happen.

Delaware was the most contentious of the night’s primaries.

Mike Castle is taking his ball and heading home:

A Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) campaign source confirmed to The Hill late Tuesday that the longtime congressman will not be endorsing Christine O’Donnell.


As to whether the national party would back O’Donnell, a Castle campaign source said the campaign has no knowledge of their thinking but said “they should save their money.”

And the spin:

Rep. Mike Castle acknowledged Tuesday the results of the Republican Senate primary here would serve as a national test case of whether a moderate can survive in a party increasingly dominated by the tea party movement.

Insert dramatic lispy falsetto here: OMG! Those tea partiers are sooo extreme! Those extreme extremists! Here I am, just a simple moderate who, according to my voting record, is to the left of the actual moderates out there who are now polling closer to center right!

Castle refused to get back on the party base of limited government so the voters revolted. Voters, he’s just not that into you.

The point has been made that the NRSC, who dropped trou and defecated all over Christine O’Donnell’s win by immediately announcing that they will not support her general campaign. That’s fine. The NRSC can do what it wants and forget the “R” in its name. Some folks have aimed to defend it by pointing out a tiny handful of grassroots-supported candidates like Rand Paul whom the NRSC endorsed – but it doesn’t change that fact that their record isn’t solid, it’s barely an even break. It doesn’t change that the NRSC’s decisions can have a negative or positive effect on voters. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re all supposed to be on the same team and regardless who makes it out of the primary, everyone should suck it up and unite. It also doesn’t change that this behavior by the NRSC is a vestige of conservative apathy which, until recently, plagued the right. It’s a ripple, a consequence still being reaped from lack of action, lack of checks and balances.

I said this on Twitter, it’s time for the tea party to put its money where its mouth is. When you take on the beltway and win, you better help your candidate accumulate some cash. I hope everyone who opened their mouth about O’Donnell and pushed her as a candidate now unites and donates money and/or time to help her take the general. She needs cash on hand, not promises on Twitter. Any less from her webernetz supporters is posturing and poseuriffic.

People also complain about the process. Don’t like it, change it. It’s that simple. We’re not going to have perfection in one election, maybe not even two, and as I said last Sunday, you’re not going to change a generation of government dissolution in one election cycle. It’s a hard task and if you care enough about your convictions to stand on the street corner with a placard, you better care enough to put some muscle behind them. Standing and holding signs is the easy part. You wanted a grassroots candidate, you got it, and now it’s up to YOU to make her win in the general a reality.

Malkin notes a 26 – 9% difference in Delaware voter turnout, favoring GOP.

Other races I’ve watched: Grassroots’ Lamontagne – Ayotte in NH, Ayotte leads, barely.

NY’s Paladino takes Lazio (anyone could take Lazio, really. Chairy from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse could take Lazio, IMO). Paladino coasted on grassroots support.

I’ll be on Fox and Friends tomorrow a.m. to discuss.