Lefty Che Fan Stabs KC College Dean, Thought He was Mo Gov Nixon

Wow. Our prayers are with the college dean as he recovers and his family.

What’s that? Another case of leftist violence?

Prosecutors have charged 22-year-old Casey Brezik with felony assault. They say he stabbed a community college dean in the throat. Brezik is accused of attacking Albert Dimmitt, Dean of Instruction at Penn Valley Community College. Dimmitt is in stable condition after surgery. Witnesses say Brezik was mumbling to himself when he walked into the room where Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was expected to speak this morning (9-14).

Breznik is a Che fan and describes himself as an anarchist. He quotes all kinds of mad crazy on his Facebook wall.

This, the Muslim woman who shot folks at the cookie plant, the Discovery building eco-terrorist, yet the left continues to assert, as a caller did on the show today, that the right is always to blame (just as the alt-weekly did with the Carnahan fire-bombing story). Can we get some folks on the left to calm down their rhetoric and CHILL OUT?