Just the Facts, Jack: GOP Pushed Insurance Competition in HCR

From last night, on who pushed to purchase health insurance across state lines:

Disgraced Governor-Turned CNN Host Spitzer Credits Liberals for Health Insurance Across State Lines Initiative …

However, it was the Republican Party that fought for the ability for consumers to purchase insurance across state lines. This had long been a policy point offered by the GOP, even at the height of the ObamaCare debate, as shown in a Feb. 25 post on the GOP House Conference blog. Spitzer’s erroneous assertion led to this back-and-forth with Loesch:

LOESCH: That came out in the Patients’ Choice Act.
SPITZER: … why that – why that has not been permitted…
SPITZER: What do you mean? You can’t say no. Facts are facts. The reality is …
LOESCH: Patients’ Choice Act – the fact is the Republicans came out with a Patients’ Choice Act. I have to correct you on that point.
SPITZER: Talking over somebody isn’t going to change the facts. The reality is…
LOESCH: Well, I had to point out the facts.
SPITZER: … the opposition to interstate competition has come from the Republican Party. And that remains to be the case.

A 2009 study showed that health insurance premiums would be reduced by 61 percent forMassachusetts residents if they were allowed to purchase insurance in North Carolina, which, as the GOP conference blog pointed out, is something that could have easily been put into the Democrat’s health care reform legislation. And as Loesch explained, it was House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., who was at the forefront of this push – not the “liberal wing of the Democratic Party,” as Spitzer claimed.

“No. That is – that’s – that’s an error. That’s a factual error – Patients’ Choice Act. It came out. Eric Cantor, a number of congressional Republicans came out,” Loesch said. “And that was one of the main talking points, the patients’ bill of rights.”

The bottom line is this: if it had been a point championed by liberals, why was it never included in the health control law or even in the draft?