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Fun At Netroots 12

I’m currently in Providence, makin’ frinz at Netroots 2012:

I “snuck” into Netroots.

Look! It’s Brandon Darby.

Someone with Kos identified us easily as we registered beforehand, walked in and claimed badges with out names printed on them.

Comment fun!

ALL the condoms!

This is the same JGibson who has a problem with me and “the blacks” (third Tweet down):

One Kos diarist warned everyone to not speak with or around us. That makes us sad.

More on the way …

The Advocate ‘Advocates’ The Bullying Of Children Online

Last night on Twitter I noticed an inordinate amount of adult progressives attacking a 13 year-old on Twitter because of his remarks on his online radio show. I don’t listen to his radio show or know his remarks, but agreement with speech shouldn’t be the litmus test in telling grown men, women, and a national publication to stop cyber bullying a child.

As a result, The Advocate has chosen to target me, sending surrogates who ironically preach “NOH8” to defend the publication like this:

Last week I noticed a progressive child going after conservative teens — what The Advocate would call “bullying” if the ideologies were reversed — and myself. As I’m not into the left’s practice of targeting children online over politics, I simply hit “block.”

If The Advocate didn’t like this kid’s show, they should have done the same.

Wednesday’s Gloating Sesh

Today I brought my drum in studio (one of my kid’s snare drums from their drum kit) to celebrate Wisconsin’s historic victory. Granted, we were all a little delirious from having so little sleep the night before, but it was worth it. THIS is what democracy* looks like.

Caller Joe rang in and cracked us all up with his hysterical gloating.

Below is the full list of the show’s special edition Victory Lap Bumper Trax:

Good In The World

I love when I come across stories like these at the end of the night:

Internet users shower dying man with letters (because he loves opening them) after appeal by nephew

Scott Widak, 47, from Plainville, Massachusetts, is suffering from liver disease and Down’s Syndrome and is spending his dying days bedridden.

A month ago his nephew, Sean O’Connor posted a message on Reddit asking if anyone wanted to write to his his uncle as he needed cheering up.

Mr O’Connor, a 27-year-old filmmaker from Boston, wrote on the Reddit forum: ‘Hey Reddit – my 47 year old uncle, Scott Widak, has Down syndrome and is terminally ill with liver disease.

‘He is currently bedridden and living out his last days at home with my 85 year old grandmother.

‘One of his favorite things to do is open mail … anyone feel like sending him a letter or card?’

The post attracted 1,300 comments and users began to request the address from Mr O’Connor and the post began to flood to Mr Widak’s home from around the world.

As Widak’s condition worsens the family opens the mail for him and reads him the letters.

Silly Women, Politics Are For Men

So this happened today.

If one doesn’t intend to promote the idea that women can’t have “astute” observations without taking lead from their male colleagues, one should better articulate their written opinion.

That said, as I noted on Twitter, if I had participated in a Secret Romney Meeting, so? Media Matters colludes weekly with the White House via conference calls. Progressives are opposed to that in which they themselves engage? Of course, that doesn’t merit articles at Mediaite, apparently, but the suggestion that I’m able to teleport from a live radio show (with webcam!) to DC for a meeting all at once somehow does.