Joe Biden to Dems: “Buck Up”

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If you were hoping for some inspiration words from the VP to explain away the president’s dismal approval ratings, tough. Buck up, little camper.

RCP has some high negs for the Slurpee-lover.

Hope and change = tripled deficit.

To all those on the left complaining about the lack of jobs, the collapsed housing industry, the record-high unemployment, “buck up.”

*UPDATE: adding insult to injury … Dems are polling equally unwell in battleground states.

Just the Facts, Jack: GOP Pushed Insurance Competition in HCR

From last night, on who pushed to purchase health insurance across state lines:

Disgraced Governor-Turned CNN Host Spitzer Credits Liberals for Health Insurance Across State Lines Initiative …

However, it was the Republican Party that fought for the ability for consumers to purchase insurance across state lines. This had long been a policy point offered by the GOP, even at the height of the ObamaCare debate, as shown in a Feb. 25 post on the GOP House Conference blog. Spitzer’s erroneous assertion led to this back-and-forth with Loesch:

LOESCH: That came out in the Patients’ Choice Act.
SPITZER: … why that – why that has not been permitted…
SPITZER: What do you mean? You can’t say no. Facts are facts. The reality is …
LOESCH: Patients’ Choice Act – the fact is the Republicans came out with a Patients’ Choice Act. I have to correct you on that point.
SPITZER: Talking over somebody isn’t going to change the facts. The reality is…
LOESCH: Well, I had to point out the facts.
SPITZER: … the opposition to interstate competition has come from the Republican Party. And that remains to be the case.

A 2009 study showed that health insurance premiums would be reduced by 61 percent forMassachusetts residents if they were allowed to purchase insurance in North Carolina, which, as the GOP conference blog pointed out, is something that could have easily been put into the Democrat’s health care reform legislation. And as Loesch explained, it was House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., who was at the forefront of this push – not the “liberal wing of the Democratic Party,” as Spitzer claimed.

“No. That is – that’s – that’s an error. That’s a factual error – Patients’ Choice Act. It came out. Eric Cantor, a number of congressional Republicans came out,” Loesch said. “And that was one of the main talking points, the patients’ bill of rights.”

The bottom line is this: if it had been a point championed by liberals, why was it never included in the health control law or even in the draft?

Workers Assume Larger Share of Health Costs

Think of it as a presidential Labor Day gift. The AP:

Researchers say workers are paying a larger portion of health insurance costs as businesses, trying to ride out the economic downturn, shift more of the burden to their employees.


Total premiums rose a modest 3 percent for family coverage and 5 percent for single employees. But Kaiser Family Foundation CEO Drew Altman said companies passed most of those increases on to workers instead of absorbing them as they usually do.

Oh Noes: Public Sours on Health Control in Time for Midterms

Well this certainly isn’t good:

A new poll shows that public support for health care reform dropped sharply in August — a dagger in Democrats’ hopes that their landmark legislation will help them in November’s midterm.

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll has support for the bill dropping 7 percentage points in August — down to 43 percent — while opposition rose 10 points to 45 percent. That’s the weakest showing since May — and a far cry from the bump proponents had hoped to see as some of the law’s more consumer-friendly provisions kick in.

For the sake of argument, let’s speculate why this may be happening:
Can’t say I blame those polled.

Teachers’ Bailout Bill Comes at Expense of Food Stamp Program

In the arena of whose needs take precedence, it’s the powerful voting unions who will always win, even over the poor:

The Senate last week passed their own version of the bill, which cuts $12 billion beginning in 2014 from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or “food stamps,” program to help make the measure deficit neutral. Anti-hunger advocates and conservatives alike decried the move.

As I detailed last night, instead of spending the portion of unspent billions from the stimuls passed just last year – which Obama insisted be passed in a hurry to … save teachers’ and other folks’ jobs, Democrats are raiding the food stamp program.