Rage Against Teh Joos! WTC Supporters Attack Man at Rally

The OMG irony of a group of people screeching about bigotry against Islam while blaming “teh joos!”/”teh ZIONIST JOOS!”

That first broad’s voice, aye aye aye.

So … they’re protesting what they perceive as “bigotry” with actual bigotry?

As you see in the video the man simply standing and videotaping the rally is assaulted and attacked by the crowd who grow into a jeering angry mob. One of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever witnessed.

What was that about opening dialog? #Fail.

Mosque Developers Won’t Rule Out Taking Money from Terrorist States


The developers behind the Islamic center planned for a site near Ground Zero won’t rule out accepting financing from the Mideast — including from Saudi Arabia and Iran — as they begin searching for $100 million needed to build the project.


“We’ll look at all available options within the United States to start. We’re hoping to fund this predominately from domestic donors. That can be everything from institutions all the way down to personal [contributors,]” said Sultan.

When asked if they would then turn to foreign donors, Sultan replied, “I can’t comment on that.”


Iran has been designated a sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. government.

A gesture of “healing” and goodwill, eh?

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, the cultural organization behind the mosque is currently on a federally funded State Department tour of the Middle East, visiting Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, the man who said that America was an “accessory” to 9/11 is flying around the Middle East on your dime.

Click image for video


Imam ABDUL RAUF: I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.

BRADLEY: OK. You say that we’re an accessory?



Imam ABDUL RAUF: Because we have been an accessory to a lot of–of innocent lives dying in the world. In fact, it–in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.

The inability to take responsibility for an ideology that boasts the extermination of those who do not share it is not an American-made product – but the pansified politically-correct strategy is, employed by the American left and the only aspect of American life in which the extremists will assimilate.

Related: Germany shut down the mosque in Hamburg after it was discovered that Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 terrorists – and others after them – found it welcoming enough to use for plotting jihad:

The Taiba mosque in Hamburg, once frequented by some of the September 11 attackers, was searched by police and shut down today because German authorities believed it was again being used as a meeting point for Islamist radicals.

It’s OK, WTC Mosque Just Another Plot by Teh Joos

So see Christians and Muslims? It’s all the Zionists’ fault.

Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘ti Bayumi, a member of the Islamic Research Academy [of Al Azhar] told Al Masry Al Youm that he rejects the building of any mosque in this area [Ground Zero], because the “devious mentality” desires to connect these events [of 9/11] with Islam, though he maintains that Islam is innocent of this accusation. Instead, it is a “Zionist conspiracy,” which many are making use of to harm the religion.

Had he stopped at “I don’t think the mosque should be built there” that would have been fine but dude took it beyond the line that separates sane and insanely bigoted by blaming – who else? – TEH JOOS. Thus, we both think the mosque is not OK for different reasons, ours not seeped in intolerance for the Jewish faith.

Fine. Whatever. That’s what it is. Whatever makes you not build that mosque there. Pick the craziest one and go with it.

Nine Women Stoned in Iran, Feminists Silent


A teenage girl is to be stoned to death in Iran after being accused of adultery by her elderly husband.

Child bride Azar Baghery was just 15 when she was thrown in prison after she was seen walking with another man.

Her plight has come to light amid an outcry over Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtani, the 43-year-old mother of two who has been sentenced to death by stoning in the Islamic state.

Rallies were held around the world yesterday as thousands of people in 20 cities, including London, turned out to support the campaign to save her and end stoning.


But the Sunday Mirror can reveal Sakineh is just one of NINE women and girls facing the same barbaric death after being convicted on the flimsiest of evidence.

After a quick search only one women’s lib publication, Ms. Magazine, has uttered a word about these atrocities to women. Kudos, Ms. At least one feminist website seems to practice what they preach:

You can join the campaign to help Ms. Mohammadi-Ashtiani and others by sending a letter to Iranian officials asking for her immediate release, as well an end to all sentences to death by stoning, and a comprehensive review of the Civil and Penal  Codes of Iran which discriminate against women.  Equality Now has created a letter which you can simply fill in your name and email; it can be found here.

I would have suspected other feminist websites to be on page one, two, even three of the search results in speaking out about this.