Lefty Che Fan Stabs KC College Dean, Thought He was Mo Gov Nixon

Wow. Our prayers are with the college dean as he recovers and his family.

What’s that? Another case of leftist violence?

Prosecutors have charged 22-year-old Casey Brezik with felony assault. They say he stabbed a community college dean in the throat. Brezik is accused of attacking Albert Dimmitt, Dean of Instruction at Penn Valley Community College. Dimmitt is in stable condition after surgery. Witnesses say Brezik was mumbling to himself when he walked into the room where Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was expected to speak this morning (9-14).

Breznik is a Che fan and describes himself as an anarchist. He quotes all kinds of mad crazy on his Facebook wall.

This, the Muslim woman who shot folks at the cookie plant, the Discovery building eco-terrorist, yet the left continues to assert, as a caller did on the show today, that the right is always to blame (just as the alt-weekly did with the Carnahan fire-bombing story). Can we get some folks on the left to calm down their rhetoric and CHILL OUT?

Self-Policing Tea

Classy, that Adam Sharp.

Can we find some liberals to do the same for these?

From Evan Coyne Maloney:

Two things to note:

  • There seem to be an exponentially greater number of people who like to compare Bush/Palin/insert-conservative-here to Hitler as opposed to someone comparing Obama to Hitler by way of socialist policy.
  • I’ve never witnessed non-classical liberals/progressives/socialists police their own in any similar fashion with regards to this particular topic. When in DC covering 8/28 I saw signs comparing Glenn Beck to Hitler. Where is the <fingers>tracker</fingers> website for that?

It’s interesting how the left creates standards and practices for everyone but them to follow. The irony is that their opposition already has standards which they apply themselves and yet this one group that seeks to act like the moral police to the world cannot be called upon to remedy the above behavior in their own party.

Thinking …

24 minutes ago

Something to note: Massie was invited by the Lt. Governor of Missouri and was reportedly excited to debut her song about 9/11 at the 9/12 event. It was never marketed as anything but a tea party event.

Sad that the left is so uncomfortable with the idea of a huge grassroots movement which isn’t under the sway of a political party. Independence = less control for big regimes. I guess that would scare some, thus the need to convince others against taking part. Who doesn’t love individual liberty and smaller government? As a conservatarian independent, I look forward to hanging with the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and other indies at the 9/12 event like at every grassroots rally!

Black Republicans Take on Leftists

The overt ridiculousness I saw from white liberals towards black conservatives on 8/28 was unbelievable.

Great video from Marooned in Marin via P/O’ed Patriot shows powerful speaker Michael Warns and black republicans take on white liberals who condescend to ask them where their African religion went:

I interviewed Warns for PJTV; this fellow in this shot is the one who told Warns and the black republican group that they were “disgusting” and that he would “pray for them.”

I interviewed him as well; both will be up shortly.

What is so hard to believe about black conservatives? Why are they treated so scornfully treated by the liberal community?

TPM Distances Themselves from Their Blogger and Carnahan Firebomb Suspect

TPM distances themselves from Chris Powers:

Powers has not been charged in the arson case. In a phone interview this morning with TPMmuckraker, Powers denied having any involvement with what local reports have described as a “fire bombing.”

“I’m innocent,” Powers said. “I was at home when Congressman Carnahan’s office was fired on. I have nothing to do with it.”

In the early morning hours of Aug. 17, someone broke a back window in Carnahan’s St. Louis campaign office and set a small fire, which caused minor damage in the office. Police arrested a suspect some hours later. They released him the next day, but have not divulged the suspect’s name. Police say it is up to the prosecutor’s office whether to issue a warrant; without it they can’t hold a suspect or release his name.

He says he didn’t, Carnahan says he did. Some lingering questions remain: who ID’d Powers as being the suspect? What of the rumors that he took a polygraph? If Powers did do it, was it because he was a disgruntled employee and lastly, if he was a disgruntled employee crazy enough to try to set a congressman’s office on fire, note that he worked as a canvasser. WTH kind of people are showing up on St. Louis doorsteps on behalf of the Carnahan campaign?

As several blogs have reported, Powers wrote a reader blog at TPMCafe under the name Ripper McCord. (Any TPM reader can create a blog and comment on the site, and Powers is not affiliated with TPM.)

Sure, that’s well and good, but this wasn’t a comments section, it was a reader blog hosted by TPM upon which TPM considered the content “affiliated” enough to (still) sell ads:

No, I don’t think TPM is liable or anything of the sort for the incident, rather, two other things come to mind:

1) If one of their bloggers wasn’t paid and is being framed by a congressman for a federal offense, you’d think they would come to his defense. If this is the case, I feel bad for the dude and this is just one more reason why there needs to be a federal investigation into this incident.

2) If Carnahan is correct and this is a case of a disgruntled employee, another Carnahan campaigner who has engaged in unlawful (Javonne Spitz, et al.) behavior while working for the campaign, then I think there is enough of a pattern to ask whether the campaigns selections of campaign workers are safe choices, not just for his campaign but the community as whole if these people are out there engaging voters. It’s also a reflection upon TPM for not condemning the actions of a writer who provides content, on which they sell ads, for them for free. Make the analogy between TPM not paying Powers and Carnahan allegedly not paying Powers yourself.

Regardless, it’s an incredibly bummer of a story any way you look at it. Who to believe?