Why You Don’t Mess with 24thState, or Friends of 24thState

Enough said.


Scozzafava’s Tiger Beat Article, Warning for Conservatives

I very nearly laughed out loud at the sad little dog and pony show that is this WaPo article on Dede Scozzafava. Wait – I hear a tiny violin playing in the background.

“Oh, someone left chocolates for me!” she said, picking up a present from her aunt and uncle. Her GOP family has been less supportive. And she warns that what happened to her will happen to candidates like her.

Exactly, so be warned, all you liberals who will pose as Republicans and run on a Democrat platform!

In the summer, Scozzafava and her husband, Ron McDougall, a local labor leader, retreated to their summer house at the end of a dirt road on Sylvia Lake. The place has no TV reception — a good thing, she said, given all the attack ads against her funded by the Club for Growth, the anti-tax group backing Hoffman. Still, she wasn’t entirely isolated. She heard through friends that Palin insinuated she had been “anointed” by a “political machine” because county chairs handpicked her as the nominee. Beck denounced her as “ACORN-supported” and an “Obama-Lite Republican.” Former House majority leader Dick Armey’s group FreedomWorks mobilized against her. She said she heard conservative robo-calls in the district describing her as a “child killer,” a “lesbian lover” and a “homo.”

“It was organized,” she said.

Remember how easy it was to get the robo call Scozzafava had rushed out to record for Bill Owens? Funny, I never heard of such a robo call smearing her as such. Had it existed it would have been posted on liberal blogs far and wide. Good grief, do politicans really think people are that stupid?

Her aide rang to say former governor George Pataki, who had encouraged her to run, was going with Hoffman.

The next day, she tried to keep her spirits up at events, but the betrayal by Pataki, who is mulling a Senate run, stung. Around 6 p.m., she and her husband pulled over at a Stewart’s convenience store on the rainy drive home from her Watertown campaign office. An aide called with dismal poll numbers. For hours, they sat, with Scozzafava staring at the windshield wipers going back and forth. Her husband counted the people using the convenience store’s ATM to pass the time. Mostly, she just cried.

That night at the lake house, sleep wouldn’t come, and she leafed through old Newsweeks without processing the words and prayed for perspective. At 7 a.m. on Halloween, her spokesman left her a voice mail: What did she want to do next? She called back hours later on the way to campaign headquarters and told him to draft a statement announcing her withdrawal from the race.

Soon after, triumphant releases rolled out of conservative press offices. Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, immediately transferred the party’s financial support over to Hoffman, who placed no condolence call.

“One man who did call me was Bill Owens,” she said. “He didn’t ask for an endorsement, he just said, ‘I hope you’re doing okay.’ “

And even though she said during the campaign that she was a true Republican, a pro-abortion/spending/Obamacare/cap-n-tax Republican whatever that means, Bill Owens calling the woman who basically won the election for him (it was the least he could do, come on) was all it took to start the ball rolling towards an endorsement.

What I find positively comedic, is the shameless way the Democrats used this woman (you can’t be liberal and say that this woman was selected locally while also saying that she was used by the GOP, no worky). I”m embarrassed for her. They make her sound like some tween at a Miley concert.

Unbeknown to Scozzafava, the kindly gesture was the first salvo in a White House-orchestrated initiative to win her endorsement. “I did speak to her because she’s a friend,” said June O’Neill, former chairwoman of the New York State Democratic Party, who became the White House’s in-district point person. “And she had just made the difficult decision to pull the plug on her own campaign.”

According to a White House official with knowledge of the courtship, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel assigned the mission to his political director, Patrick Gaspard, who months earlier floated the idea in the State Assembly of Scozzafava running as a Democrat and now asked allies to console her.

At Gaspard’s request, Andrew Cuomo, the state’s attorney general, rang her up and told her that he, too, had known the political depths. In 2002, his insurgent primary challenge for governor collapsed, but now, he told her, he was on top again.

“You’re probably the next governor,” Scozzafava said she told Cuomo.

After she hung up, another incoming call. “It’s Chuck Schumer,” she mouthed to her husband.

And then they both girl-shrieked and were all LIKE OMG.

White House operatives practically skipped up to New York in order to secure an endorsement for one of their own. She must be high, entertaining the idea of running on a GOP again, ever, in the future, after wasting the $1 million that the Republican party spent on her bid by endorsing a Democrat.

Those conservative forces now descend on Florida, where former House speaker Marco Rubio, who on Monday received the endorsement of the Club for Growth, might shove aside centrist Gov. Charlie Crist, who was once on John McCain‘s short list for running mate. And Scozzafava has a warning.

“There is a lot of us who consider ourselves Republicans, of the Party of Lincoln,” she said, her face now flush. “If they don’t want us with them, we’re going to work against them.”

Really? We knocked you off the ticket once and rattled the party, we’ll do it again.

Why Rush Through a Bill Nobody Supports?

(Alternately titled: Use This the Next Time Someone Says That You’re Wrong About the Majority Opposing HCR)

Yes, nobody supports it:

Pew: More people now generally oppose the health care reform proposals in Congress (47%) than favor them (34%).

Poll shows Obama’s approval rating on health care below 50%

More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama on Healthcare

Support Slips for Health Plan – WSJ.com

Rasmussen: 54% would prefer no bill to current ObamaCare proposals

WSJ/NBC poll shows ObamaCare fading

CBS poll: Obama hits another new low on health care

50% Oppose Health Care Reform – Rasmussen Reports

Gallup: Opposition to big government growing rapidly

Gallup: 80% satisfied with health care, 61% with insurance

Pollster.com: More Oppose Health Care Plan
Mixed Views of Economic Policies and Health Care Reform Persist: Overview – Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

Picture 10

53% Now Oppose Congressional Health Care Reform – Rasmussen Rep

Opposition to Health Care Reform Grows – Polls | AP …

The majority of Americans DO NOT WANT this “health care reform.” Let’s stop calling it that – it’s not about health care, it’s about the expanse of government power under the guise of “health care” and they’ll exploit the circumstances of people in order to play off their emotions and push through a bill that gives the government the ability to fine you – don’t disagree, I’ve actually read this thing, make sure you have, too – for choosing to NOT go on the public option. It’s all right there, listed as a way to control costs. Don’t believe me? Read CBS:

Picture 16

If they can “fine” you for not choosing what they define as a “right,” just imagine if we get a crazy right winger in there who chooses to fine you for say … not carrying a firearm and exercising your Second Amendment rights.

This is a sorry, pathetic attempt at needed reform. Democrats REFUSED to include tort reform or any allowances for portability, two things any serious legislators would have included, especially as they cut costs. The CBO said that tort reform would save us $54 billion annually in health care costs! But the Democrats were afraid to derail their gravy train, as Howard Dean explained:


Anyone who’s read this bill sees it for what it is. It sickens me that anyone would waste an opportunity to actually do something with reform. Dems barred Republicans from amending anything in the house; they’ve had the audacity to blame the GOP for being “obstructionists” when they, the Democrats, HAVE THE MAJORITY. It shows you just how screwed up this government takeover OH, I mean this health care reform is when the Democrats themselves are at war over it.

I refuse to go on government health care and I SURE AS HADES refuse to be un-Constitutionally fined for not going on it, either.


Tea Parties Call on GOP to “Dump Dede”

Tea Parties Call on GOP to “Dump Dede”

October 22, 2009

While the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition endorses values and not candidates, choosing instead to focus on education and action, it is clear that in the NY-23 race for Congress, there is only one candidate that embodies the traditional American values for which the Tea Party movement is fighting. The only acceptable candidate is Doug Hoffman.

Because the Tea Parties are about action, the most powerful action Tea Partiers could take is to donate time or money now to the Doug Hoffman for Congress committee and/or go to the District and volunteer on the campaign.

We are extremely disappointed that the Republican Party (and leaders like Newt Gingrich) has missed the message of the Tea Parties and continues to take conservative voters for granted. We applaud all courageous statesmen (Fred Thompson, Michelle Bachmann, and Dick Armey) and call on other GOP officials to put America’s values over traditional, often corrupt and morally bankrupt, power structures.

Scozzafava is an imposter in this election insofar as she does not fit the values of the district or the center-right country. The honorable move would be for her to remove herself from a race she cannot win. In choosing not to do this, she and her supporters are casting their lot for party loyalty as opposed to loyalty to conservatism or to the prosperity of their country.

Tomorrow, beginning in St. Louis at noon, several tea party cities will publicly demand GOP denunciation of the nomination of Dede Scozzafava and demand support for conservatism. We will call upon all Republicans to either join us or stand against us.

We ask that all Republican officials decide now: do they stand for principle and limited government or are they party loyalists? They or the voters decide, it’s their choice.

http://www.nationwideteapartycoalition.com http://www.dumpdede.com


On notice

Hillbillies who say that all conservative women are like Sarah Palin are the same hillbillies who say that all minorities look alike. Why yes, generalized, bigoted statements ARE offensive!

So for you dudes freaking out that yet another conservative woman has upped and put on shoes and stepped out of the kitchen, back away from your cousins and adjust your overalls: IT’S 2009.