The Mullet: Worse Than Witchcraft

Hi America! Due to the inane rumblings concerning what a teenager did in her youth, a teenager who in turn upset the establishment apple cart in Delaware, I figured it was time to put some things into perspective.

First, let me reintroduce you to the mullet.

mul·let: n. 1. pl. mullet or mul·lets

  1. A hairstyle that is formed by cutting the hair short on the the top and sides and allowing it to grow longer in back.
  2. See also Camaro crash helmet, Kentucky Waterfall, the Missouri Compromise.

Often defined as “business in the front, party in the back,” the mullet is the staple coiffure of mostly adult men who will never, ever get a date for who they themselves cannot pay. While the hairstyle was indigenous to the redneckius vir and was thought to have grown unpopular after the 80s, it has seen a recent revival in pop culture thanks to individuals like Bill Maher:

Maher’s hairstyle, despite the clever combing, is clearly a case of Kentucky Waterfall.

Look, we’re all guilty of inane, youthful behavior, some of us continue certain aspects of it (see the above mullet) well into our adulthood. We’ve all had stupid hairstyles, said stupid things, I even campaigned for the Non-Accusatory Knuckle-Pointer Clinton before I could vote and I and millions of other Americans used to tight-roll our jeans. One time my girlfriends and I even got – are you ready for this? – an ouija board out of a game closet during a slumber party at a friend’s house. OMGBBQGASP!!1! If any one of us were required to run for office while teenagers not a single one of us would have passed inspection. We had not the benefit of maturity.

So why is it now that Christine O’Donnell’s teenage admissions from 14 years ago are more relevant today than her positions on policy today? Answer: the left is trying to spin any candidate with tea party backing as “extreme” or as a “kook” and this is the only way they can since the majority of Americans identify with the grassroots more so than with the Democrat congress:

57% of Likely Voters Describe Democratic Congressional Agenda As Extreme

Independent Voters Favor GOP in 2010 Election Tracking

Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress

So O’Donnell “dabbled in witchcraft.” I thought the left was supposed to be tolerant? Do they not believe in grace for all, as the right believes? Wait – these are the same people who were calling conservatives “homos” outside of Right Nation this past weekend, so that point may be moot.

I wish the left would have made as much of a fuss about the Pigford scandal as they do over what a candidate said as a teenager. Notice how Bill Clinton can advise them on policy, yet nothing is said of his lurid past.

Let this stand as an example of tolerance and grace, but pay attention from what side it originates.

Can we get back to policy now?

In Photos: St. Louis Tea Party Headquarters Opens

The past Tuesday evening of this week marked the opening of the new St. Louis Tea Party headquarters in south St. Louis city.

A young patriot waves at passerby. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Volunteers gather to celebrate. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Tea party merchandise. Profits go to ordering materials, paying utilities. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Headquarters' sign. Logo by Chris Loesch. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Love this kid. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Volunteers. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

A litany of public officials and candidates, both democrats and republicans, were officially invited; 3rd District's Ed Martin was the only to show. I myself had personally invited Mayor Slay, of whom I've always thought well, and we missed his presence. We hope more can join us at similar events in the future. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Committee Chair Jen E. helps with the good ol' fashion south side BBQ. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

OMGBBQ!!1! ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Volunteers, citizenry. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

The free pocket Constitutions handed out by the Block Captain Brigade. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft grabs the door for one of the younger patriots. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Volunteers. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

Volunteers, Martin Baker. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

STLTP Co-Founder and leader Bill Hennessy with a volunteer. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

The fellowship lasted an hour past the intended time. ©Dana Loesch, no unauthorized reuse.

If you would like to get involved with the Block Captain Brigade liberty evangelism program which works neighborhoods on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, please email Thanks to all who came out and all the amazing volunteers to so selflessly give of their time and talents to advance the cause of limited government and individual liberty.

9/12 STL Ongoing Coverage

I’ll be updating continuously throughout the day with photos, etc.

The Sounding Fathers:

Andre Harper, producer Kevin Conrey

Becca, Terbrock, KFTK FM News Talk 97.1

Jamie Allman, Dr. Randy Tobler, KFTK FM News Talk 97.1

Sounding Fathers

Ben Franklin, Sounding Fathers

Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots

Laura Alter sings the National Anthem.

Dick Morris

Me with David Limbaugh

PART of the crowd

Thomas Jefferson, Sounding Fathers

My co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, Bill Hennessy

Beautiful conservatives: Marjorie Dellas, Ty, Heidi Schamburg's Mike Flynn

Sammy Kershaw

John Hancock, Sounding Fathers

The crowd jams

Speaking to the crowds, photo courtesy @STL_Politics

You  can also follow along on Twitter.


Jim Hoft is liveblogging as well.

Bob McCarty has video coverage and a great write-up:

Keyboard Militia has some great photos.

So does Reboot Congress and MOPNS.

Great video of The Sounding Fathers performing their rocked-out rendition of “God Bless America” from Reboot Congress:

The tea party ain’t all twang, folks. (Not that twang is bad. You just … you know.)

* Video courtesy Reboot Congress of my 9/12 speech:

More Sounding Fathers (my intro, “She Sells Sancturary” by The Cult):

Photos from 8/28

Lots of footage to upload still, photos, videos, and my PJTV coverage will be up shortly.


– Such a peaceful event.

– Albert Pujols presented with the Hope Award by Tona LaRussa.

– Only one group of crashers, who I interviewed for PJTV. After I interviewed a groupd of black republicans who were handing out literature at the Linconl Memorial, one of the crashes whom I interviewed earlier said to them as he left: “What you’re doing is disgusting. I will pray for you.”

– Sharpton’s counter demonstration near the Tidal Basin lasted only a short time.

More soon.