Over 2,200 Protest Fauxcare in Downtown St. Louis

Unbelievable. When we asked for “boots on the ground” you answered with a strength that overtook us – and one entire city block. Money from today’s fundraiser will go to the DNC.

I’ll have video up shortly; Jim Hoft has a report, DSM has a report from this morning’s event; STLcyclist has some great photos like this one:

Caroline Mueller also has some great shots:

Kenneth Gladney's run-in with SEIU this time around was a lot different. He stood on the pro-REAL reform side.

Jay Stewart (@jaysunright) and Stephanie Rubach (@stlurbanspice).

I’ve photos on Twitpic:

A peaceful event, though cameras did capture the four different incidents where Obama supporters tried to pick fights with real reform supporters, even leaving their designated protest area. Adam Sharp got video of one fauxcaure supporter who ran through the tea party crowd, reportedly yelled obscenities in women’s faces and shoved people, and argued with a veteran; he was eventually removed from the area by the STLPD who did a phenomenal job at maintaining peace at the event.

If congress passes this legislation then congress no longer represents the American people and will have committed an act of tyranny against the republic.