Bam: Gaga is the Death of Sex

Camille Paglia:

Gaga isn’t sexy at all – she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution? In Gaga’s manic miming of persona after persona, over-conceptualised and claustrophobic, we may have reached the limit of an era…

Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest video-Alejandro) that it must be asked, at what point does homage become theft?

I attribute her rise to the laze of the third wave grrrl movement, where eroticism lacks creativity and mystery, where everything is splayed on a table like a cheap buffet without the courtesy of a sneeze guard – for the sake of the patrons, not the buffet. Shock is the prostitute of art. Cheap and imitable.

Girl Shriek: Nerds Create World’s First Lightsaber


Photo: Wicked Lasers

Star Wars fans rejoice: someone has finally succeeded in creating a working lightsaber. And it can be yours for only US$197.97.

Hong Kong company Wicked Lasers has manufactured “the most dangerous laser ever created,” a lightsaber with a blue beam that can burn retinas and set skin on fire.

The Spyder III Pro Arctic features a 1 watt laser the company warns is the most powerful portable laser available. The beam is a thousand times more powerful than sunlight on skin and the manufacturer warns it could cause cancer.

Except for that last part, total FTW!

$197? That’s cheaper than an iPad! Sure, you can read crap on that giant iPhone-that-isn’t-a-phone-and-doesn’t-support-flash-or-run-multiple-apps-without-an-app-as-opposed-to-its-actual-OS (yet oddly, I still want one) but why on earth would you do that when you could have a freaking lightsaber? You may be bored on the plane whilst reading Sky Mall (or Sky Maul) but confident knowing that at home or in your checked luggage rests a retina-burning tool used by Siths and Jedis for ages.

Irony, in Cocktail Form

I love the irony of this press release sent to me this morning about a “patriotic cocktail.” J’adore:

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without fireworks, cookouts, and cocktails. That’s why Maestro DOBEL, the world’s first Diamond Tequila, has transformed the classic Banderita into a festive Independence Day – inspired cocktail.

Originally meaning “little flag”, the Banderita is the national drink of Mexico , because it makes up the colors of the Mexican flag.

Now, Maestro DOBEL has created a spin off of the Banderita to resemble the American flag this Fourth of July. This sweet cocktail, the Maestro Americana, is made by replacing the traditional ingredients of the Banderita, tomatoes and limes, with watermelon and blueberries.

From the Wall Street Journal

Written by Michael Graham:

Dana Loesch, talk host and co-founder of the St. Louis tea party, believes the tea party movement is the modern conservative version of “the personal is political.”

“Motherhood itself has become a political act,” says Ms. Loesch. “And the tea parties are an extension of our need as moms to protect the future for our children.”

I’ve said before that the “tea party mom” is to politics in the naughts what the soccer mom was to politics in the 90s, during the Clinton campaign.