Raquel Welch: the Pill Ruined Marriage

Fifty years after the pill was first put on the market some women are celebrating by writing missives on how the contraceptive has changed their life. Not Raquel Welch:

The Hollywood actress said the widespread use of oral contraceptives had led to a breakdown in sexual morality and fuelled the growth of rampant promiscuity among the young.

Miss Welch, 69, said the situation has grown so grave that ‘these days nobody seems able to keep it in their pants or honour a commitment’.


‘The growing proliferation of birth control methods has had an awesome effect on both sexes and led to a sea change in moral values,’ she said in an article for television channel CNN entitled ‘It’s SexO’Clock in America’. A positive consequence of the Pill was it had ‘made it easier for a woman to choose to delay having children until after she established herself in a career’, she said.

Sad: Shakira Says AZ Law Will Cause “Detention in the Streets”

“I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it’s a violation of human and civil rights.”

I think that’s wrong as well. Fortunately, that’s not what this law does.

(Has Shakira or anyone making such an argument even read the bill? It’s 16 pages. People can read Twilight or Harry Potter but don’t have time to read a 16 page bill?)

Police just can’t detain people in the streets.” If you run a stoplight, get pulled over, and don’t have identification which proves that you’re here legally, then you can be arrested. I’ve discussed this before on my show, back when a hotelier in Farmington, Missouri, ran afoul of the law for employing illegal immigrants, several with a long rap sheet, and how the local police were overruled by the feds when they tried to detain the ones with warrants. Arizona’s law rightfully enacts their 10th Amendment rights to protect their citizens.

I’m not going to get too flummoxed over a non-citizen of this country egregiously misinterpreting our laws and reacting to her misinterpretation of the law and creating an unnecessary controversy for our citizens as a result.

I agree with what a then-Senator Barack Obama said in August 2006 on immigration:

Click image for video. Remarks around :40 mark.

Captain America Targets Americans in Issue Number 602

Oh good grief.

From Publius Forum:

In issue number 602 of Captain America, a new story line has begun called “Two Americas.” In it the current Captain (there have been a few of them, apparently) is on the trail of a faux Captain America that is mentally deranged and getting chummy with some white supremacist, anti-government, survivalists types going by the name of “the Watchdogs.” While investigating this subversive group, Captain America and his partner The Falcon — a black super hero — have decided to try and infiltrate the secretive organization.

In preparation for the infiltration, Marvel Comics depicts the two super heroes out of costume and observing from a rooftop a street filled with what can only be described as a Tea Party protest. The scene shows crowds of people in city streets carrying signs that say, “stop the socialists,” “tea bag libs before they tea bag you,” and “no to new taxes.” Naturally, the people in these crowds are depicted as being filled with nothing but white folks.

Of course! Because there is no such thing as black conservatives. That goes against the Jim Crow-esque Democratic voter manipulation by omission bedtime story. From the Washington Times:

Joe Quesada: Hold on. Before digging into this, you’re starting from a false premise. There was zero discussion to include a group that looked like a Tea Party demonstration. Ed simply wrote in an anti-tax protest into his story to show one of the moods that currently exists in America. There was no thought that it represented a particular group.

And yes, what Ed said is absolutely true, he does shy away from labeling things and did exactly that in this instance. In Ed’s story, there was no connection to the Tea Party movement, that’s a screw up that happened after the fact and exactly what some people are getting upset about.


In the story, our new Captain America – who is Steve Rogers’ old sidekick Bucky Barnes – and Sam Wilson the Falcon – another ex-sidekick of Steve Rogers – are in search of an armored super-militia group called the Watchdogs who attacked a sheriff and his squad and have set up roots in the hills outside of Boise, Idaho where they are building a weapon and planning an act of terrorism against the people in that town. Keep in mind that the Watchdogs have been villains in the Marvel Universe since 1987. Bucky and Sam hatch a plan to infiltrate this group and defeat it from within so they travel to Idaho. The idea behind this was to expose them both – in particular Sam (who has been portrayed most often as a leftist leaning character) – to other parts of America. While in Idaho in search of the Watchdogs, they come upon an anti-tax, anti-big government rally, which is something that Sam, in particular, hasn’t been personally exposed to, and it hits him the wrong way. Here, at this moment in the story, Sam is the fish out of water. This, however, is where Mr. Houston misreads what’s happening in the story. He assumes that the people protesting in the streets are the Watchdogs, when in fact they are not, so this is an element that is taken out of context. These protestors as written by Ed are no different than protesting crowds he wrote into issues of “Cap” last year. Only those protestors were angry about oil prices skyrocketing and the housing market problems. So in short, the Watchdogs, and the protestors aren’t connected, they just happen to be in the same story.

Where Mr. Houston is correct is in our accidently identifying in one of the held up signs, the group as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group. That’s something that we need to apologize for and own up to, because it’s just one of those stupid mistakes that happened through a series of stupid incidents.

It can be a “screw up” all they wanted but they still borrowed the prejudiced, liberal narrative (that excludes blacks and the reasons for the movement when discussing the movement) to infuse into their story arc.

(h/t Roy)

I Think I Just Became Team Angelina


“She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise,” adds the source.

“Angie isn’t Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors,” the source says.

She was pro-Iraq and undecided last election – from her own mouth, not a “source.” Walks and talks like a duck? Check. She’s almost a dream woman now.

I wish more celebrities were as ballsy with their beliefs as Pat DiNizio.

Cue everyone attacking her in the US Mag comments about adoption now.


Forget Doctor Barbie, Introducing Burka Barbie

Irony: representation of oppression auctioned off for a charity called Save the Children.


Photo courtesy Caters

Toy-maker Mattel is backing the auction of the Burka Barbie to raise funds for a children’s charity, saying that the doll shows girls that they “can be whatever they want to be.” If a girl wants to wear a blanket over her head by way of an oppressive, patriarchal hierarchy whose fundamental belief contradicts such a marketing slogan, then so be it.