NAACP to Stand Up to Left Bigotry?

Deneen Borelli is fantastic.

“They said those things about Condoleezza Rice … they said those things about Colin Powell …”

Who is THEY?

Where did those remarks come from?

Oh, they came from a LIBERAL talker.

When Gladney was called an uncle Tom, when Lt. Col. Allen West, Hermain Cain, Alfonzo Rachel, Cedra Crenshaw, Andre Harper, I could go on, are called racial slurs, where do those slurs, as reported by them, come from?

They come from the left.

I agree and am glad to see that the NAACP is going to stand up to the political ideology that purports to support its goals while tearing down members of the black community if they aren’t liberal. I’ve yet to see a liberal defend a black conservative – and it’s interesting to note: no one knew Kenneth Gladney’s politics before extending him the support he deserved. Frankly, I still don’t know the man’s politics, being that the first time I saw him was across the street at a rally where he was selling pro-Obama buttons. He’s a capitalist. That’s the extent of what people know. But of course, the right didn’t ask him to fill out a form and cite his political allegiance before determining whether or not we would help him.

When the left is willing to talk the talk and walk the walk, then we’ll get somewhere.

I hope Shelton keeps his word.


NAACP Wants to Make Neverland a State Park

Forget educational inequality and the left’s attack on school choice and opportunity, the NAACP has more pressing issues they feel deserve attention. After condemning the tea party movement, the NAACP turned its attention to turning Michael Jackson’s estate into a state park. Facepalm:

A resolution is in the works to order state parks officials to study converting the roughly 2,600-acre property into a state park. The state NAACP is backing the idea, and a lawmaker has signaled he is on board to carry the legislation.

“I think Michael’s history is world history and I think it would become the No. 1 attraction for the state parks if we could pull it off,” said state NAACP President Alice Huffman, who also serves on the state Parks Commission.

MO GOP 1st District Candidate Calls Out NAACP

From Martin Baker:

When it was first brought to my attention that the NAACP had used their bully pulpit to condemn the Tea Party movement in one of its first acts of its national convention, branding those who associate themselves with it as racist, I laughed at the absolute duplicity of it. I asked myself, “at what point did the Tea Party movement become such a threat to the coffers of the NAACP that they felt the need to fire a broadside salvo against them?” Has what was once a historical organization that spearheaded the advancement of civil rights become a faction of jealous rage?” but most importantly I asked once question…“WHO DESIGNATED THE NAACP AS THE ARBITERS OF ALL THAT COULD BE DEEMED RACIST RATHER INDIVIDUALLY OR COLLECTIVELY?”

Ben Jealous, NAACP Refuse to Condemn Own Racial Invectives


Will Ben Jealous call upon the NAACP to repudiate the racist elements in ITS organization?

These conservatives think it should:

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The NAACP Acting Stupidly (Again)

I dare the NAACP and other hustlers for the DNC to get behind an NAACP sign-clad lectern and call these accomplished black conservatives names like they did Gladney.

NYC Updates – Plus, STLTP Condemns NAACP Hypocrisy

Later this morning I’ll be on Fox’s Strategy Room.

Doug has video of last night’s O’Reilly:

The NAACP condemns the tea parties for what it says is “racist” behavior (racist meaning the defense of a beaten black man because he was conservative, not liberal); meanwhile the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP:

Whereas, the NAACP had an opportunity to preserve some semblance of legitimacy by standing up for Ken Gladney, the victim of a vicious racist battery conducted by a black avowed communist, even labeling him an “Uncle Tom”, but chose instead to use the opportunity to mock the St. Louis Tea Party, and

Whereas, the NAACP has refused to denounce the New Black Panther’s call to murder white cops and their babies, and

Whereas, the NAACP does its entire membership a grave disservice by hypocritically engaging in the very conduct it purports to oppose,

Now therefore be it resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP for lowering itself to the dishonorable position of a partisan political attack dog organization, and,

Be it further resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party calls on similar organizations to join in unanimous condemnation of this despicable behavior

When a group founded upon the advancement of civil rights places political ideology above civil rights, it ceases to serve the purpose for which it was originally formed and is now nothing more than another political organization.


St. Cloud stands with St. Louis

*UPDATED: Meet the New KKK: the NBPP

This is the man that Eric Holder and the DOJ dropped charges against even though he was the one intimidating voters by swinging a stick at them and yelling racial slurs outside of a polling place.

I would love to see how the left explains this one away. I would love to hear this administrations excuse as to the preferential treatment of thugs before the law, thugs who’ve threatened to kill adults and babies simply because the color of their skin.

File under: real angry mobs

*UPDATE: The National Geographic video? It was played at Shabazz’s April 27th hearing, the one to which they went dressed as jackbooted thugs:

After the opening statements and the reading of evidence into the record, the hearing continued with three videos: the atwo camera-phone videos shot at the polling place (now on YouTube), and clips from a National Geographic documentary about the NBPP that includes interviews with Chairman Shabazz and with the billy-club-wielding King Samir Shabazz. Mr. Billy Club talks about how much he hates and wants to kill white people, including white babies, and the documentary includes a very ugly scene (among many) in which he confronts an interracial couple in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

**MORE: The People’s Socialist Party took part in the New Black Panthers’ convention this year.

This Week in Tea – 6/2/10

Click image for video.

I talk to fellow PJTV’er Zo about the harsh words coming from the Black Panthers and NAACP regarding the conservative movement. the tea party.

Is the battle cry from the New Black Power Movement against the Tea Party really just a desperate scramble by the Left to rally its base into an ‘identity politics’ war? AlfonZo Rachel gives Dana Loesch his take on the Black Panthers and why other liberal groups want minorities to be ballot cattle.