Libs Quiet on Conservative Assaults

I’ve been watching Media Matters fake concern over the Reid-supporting chick punched at a townhall forum this week.

Suddenly Eric Boehlert is a defender of women. Except when those women are conservative, because hey, Kelly Owens and Allee Bautsch TOTALLY had it coming, right?

Because Media Matters likes to portray itself to its three readers as being objective and high enough to serve as a faux-journalism critique, I expected to find tons on the on-video, cop-witnessed (as per police report) assault of Kelly Owens by the SEIU crowd. So I did a little search in the Media Matters’ archives:

What? That bastion of media purity, the calvary to the rightwing media, the Soros-funded “media” outlet didn’t have anything about the assault of conservative Kelly Owens?

OK, so I imagine that they’re hurriedly drafting a post now to remedy that glaring oversight, since, afterall, they’re such huge defenders of women all of a sudden.

I figured that Media Matters/Eric Boehlert/George Soros would also have written about the severe beating of Allee Bautsch, too, right?

That’s ‘No for $200,’ Alex. Oh, wait, sorry, MMfA did mention Bautsch’s name in an attack on Jim Hoft. So, that’s something, right?

So why, after all this time, nothing on MMfA on either Owens or Bautsch? Why the silence? Why the double-standard?

We’ve had:

tea partiers attacked in Florida:

– an Obamacare supporter bite the fingers off a man;

– SEIU and lefty crowd beating Kenneth Gladney;

– I received threats concerning my children just last week from a leftist and have since involved the police and the cyber crimes division and, along with my station who is involved, am pursuing maximum criminal charges against the perpetrator

leftists threatened Andrew Breitbart in Nevada

leftists spit on people, call Breitbart and conservatives at Right Nation gay slurs

leftists assault a videographer at a public event

a lefty congressman assaults two college kids

– the assault of Nathan Tabor and his wife

More lefty assaults, lefty screeching and intimidation, threats of assault, advocating violence, hateful rallies.

Meanwhile, the tea parties repudiate any such things.

Violence in lieu of discourse is wrong, period. Party, ideology is irrelevant.

Why are only the conservatives saying this, though?

Maybe Media Matters can do a story on it.

Right Nation Recap

– Friday’s event on behalf of For the Good of Illinois with Andrew Breitbart was a blast.

– Saturday I spoke about conservative feminism with Teri O’Brien.

– Saturday night at the Beck event I caught union/OFA-sponsored lefty protesters spitting on Breitbart, others, and calling him a “homo.” The theme of the protest was, ironically, “stop the hate.” Some of the protesters couldn’t even tell us who (Glenn Beck) was speaking inside. They all filed into three buses after. There has been no condemnation of the spitting or slurs from OFA.

More soon … Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” a taping for Bret Baier after, and another hit this evening.

Lefty Che Fan Stabs KC College Dean, Thought He was Mo Gov Nixon

Wow. Our prayers are with the college dean as he recovers and his family.

What’s that? Another case of leftist violence?

Prosecutors have charged 22-year-old Casey Brezik with felony assault. They say he stabbed a community college dean in the throat. Brezik is accused of attacking Albert Dimmitt, Dean of Instruction at Penn Valley Community College. Dimmitt is in stable condition after surgery. Witnesses say Brezik was mumbling to himself when he walked into the room where Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was expected to speak this morning (9-14).

Breznik is a Che fan and describes himself as an anarchist. He quotes all kinds of mad crazy on his Facebook wall.

This, the Muslim woman who shot folks at the cookie plant, the Discovery building eco-terrorist, yet the left continues to assert, as a caller did on the show today, that the right is always to blame (just as the alt-weekly did with the Carnahan fire-bombing story). Can we get some folks on the left to calm down their rhetoric and CHILL OUT?

Self-Policing Tea

Classy, that Adam Sharp.

Can we find some liberals to do the same for these?

From Evan Coyne Maloney:

Two things to note:

  • There seem to be an exponentially greater number of people who like to compare Bush/Palin/insert-conservative-here to Hitler as opposed to someone comparing Obama to Hitler by way of socialist policy.
  • I’ve never witnessed non-classical liberals/progressives/socialists police their own in any similar fashion with regards to this particular topic. When in DC covering 8/28 I saw signs comparing Glenn Beck to Hitler. Where is the <fingers>tracker</fingers> website for that?

It’s interesting how the left creates standards and practices for everyone but them to follow. The irony is that their opposition already has standards which they apply themselves and yet this one group that seeks to act like the moral police to the world cannot be called upon to remedy the above behavior in their own party.