Carnahan Falsely Claims Threat?

This is easily the stupidest thing I’ve had to write about all month. Sigh.

Earlier this week Jim Hoft announced that citizens of the 3rd district were going to hold a candlelight prayer vigil outside of Russ Carnahan’s house. It made the news. It wasn’t like it was secret. People wanted to pray that Carnahan would be less hard-hearted and more receptive to the will of the people. A small coffin was brought along so symbolize all of the people who’ve died from rationed, government care. From the video I saw, it was a small, earnest affair.

After our representatives have flouted the law of the land, they’re suddenly shocked that others allegedly have too, be they actual conservatives or Democratic plants (wouldn’t be the first time in a long, documented history of times). The jury is still out but as we’ve seen in the past week, the real angry mob of socialist enforcers like to grab their pitchforks and start witch hunts – the exact same profiling and stereotyping that led to the Gladney beating. I guess some on the left never learn.

I’m left to assume that Carnahan just wanted sympathy from this because it boggles the mind how (or why) someone could twist a prayer vigil into a “threat.” I mean, unless you’re afraid of God and honestly, after voting for legislation that includes (by Kathleen Sebelius’ own video-taped words and her “accounting procedure” admission of last year) means for abortion funding, I would be afraid to answer to God for that charge at the pearly gates.

This is a guy who ignored how myself and other conservatives in this area were threatened last summer simply because we dissented with this administration’s policies. His own mother, Jean Carnahan, threw fuel to the fire and tried to whip the vitriol to a frenzy when she attacked his constituents and said that the “teabagger” remarks “bordered on treason.” This is a man who had one of the most under-reported (not to mention caught-on-tape with police report) hate crimes ever to happen at his town hall and the next morning he denied its existence in a press conference.  Now this man is going to add further insult to injury by making up malicious intent for people having a prayer vigil? What does he hope to gain from this?

From 24thstate:

Meanwhile, in St Louis, a man actually beaten in an act of political violence by Carnahan’s political allies still waits for justice while his attackers feast on workmen’s comp and have expensive criminal lawyers representing them.  Carnahan, despite his shockingly weak claims, is safer than any Tea Party protester at an event with SEIU union members.

This is sad. I realized that Russ Carnahan lacked concern for citizens by acting as a stamp for Pelosi and this administration but I thought him at least above going after his own constituents this way.

*Jim Hoft has more

**Carnahan’s offices CONTINUES to lie that there was a coffin left on his lawn:

Hey reporters:  Did you ask Carnahan’s people to show you the coffin or a photograph of the coffin?

Of course not.  Nor can Carnahan’s people produce the coffin or photo thereof.  That’s because there was no coffin left on Russ Carnahan’s lawn.

Now, I wouldn’t put it past Russ and his crew to go make or a buy some coffin and take pictures of it.  Anyone could do that.

But ask Sara Howard—a Carnahan aide—where the coffin is now.  Ask her to describe it.

*More on that threatening SCARY prayer vigil

Fox News Crew Discovers Truckload of Babies in Haiti

Unbelievable. Heart-breaking. Click the image for the report.

The reporter mentions how the U.N. is aware of the orphans’ location and how the U.N. Secretary General, if he is in Haiti, needs to “save the lives of those children.” That’s scary, given the United Nations’ history and overall incompetence.

I put my faith in the countless missionaries, charitable groups like the Red Cross and Compassion International before the wannabe world body.

Keep Haiti in your prayers – especially its youngest and defenseless.

*Updated: Another reason to discount the U.N. They’re shooting people who are trying to get food.

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Praying …

AP photo

… for more of this. For more reunions. For more released alive from the debris. For the cries of the children buried in the rubble to be answered. The photos of these precious babies get me the most.

These people are not responsible for their corrupted government; they are people with whom we share this planet and when tragedy strikes it is a beacon to all of us to step up. That stirring in your soul is resonance.

Be not distracted by your perceived smallness or seemingly inconsequentialness of your response. Nothing is small, nothing is inconsequential in matters of the heart.

St. Charles Judge Rick Zerr Ducks Ruling on Homeschooling

I’ve been following the Lisa Payne-Naeger homeschooling case for some time and did not meet or know of Naeger until after her legal battle began. This case is interesting to me not just because it showcases the absolute prejudice I see daily displayed against homeschooling, but because I’m shocked that what I perceive as sexism can still be rooted so deep in this, 2010.

Naeger and her husband were married for 20 years. He is an attorney with a well-paying job. When they met, she had an associate’s degree in graphic art that she obtained 20 years ago. (I don’t have to tell you how much the industry has changed since then.) She put her career aside to stay home, have this man’s children, and allow him to be the power attorney that he is. This decision ended up hurting her in the end.

They decided to homeschool their children from the get-go; the children loved it, thrived in the environment, and during the trial the court found them to be well-educated and well-adjusted. Naeger’s husband had no problem with the set-up until the divorce – because the home-education of the couple’s children, their preferred choice, meant that he might actually have to part with some of his cash in order to assist with its continuance.

The Examiner has a must-read background on Naeger’s case as well as meaning of the verdict,which was delivered on Monday.

As a result, the case became a battle over homeschooling in which Naeger’s children were run through the wringer. Instead of making the case ruling on homeschooling, Zerr decided to grant Naeger final say over the children’s education but absolve her husband of the financial responsibility what would assist with the education of his children. Naeger’s husband makes a lot of money, Naeger does not. It’s my view that she sacrificed herself to make her husband a success, to allow him to put in the hours he needed in order to get where he is, to raise and educate his children, and when he decided that he was finished being a family (as he filed and Naeger, I’m told, did not want the divorce) his obligation to it ended.

This case speaks to me just as much about homeschooling as it does about sexism and the construct of the family. We live in a society where PSA’s preach about the values of family and where women are told to spend more time with their children but our judicial system penalized it in this case.

It’s my opinion that Judge Rick Zerr exploited Naeger’s financial vulnerability as a way to punish her for homeschooling and set her up to fail while protecting her husband from his obligations. I find it sexist and wonder if we can expect continued “friendliness” from St. Charles County towards homeschoolers and women in the future.