Thursday: Dueling Speeches, #Caring

On deck today: Romney and Obama face off in Ohio with two very different speeches on the economy. We’ll also talk Mayor Bloomberg’s interest in milk and popcorn; J Christian Adams joins me to talk the DOJ’s attack on Florida and voter integrity. Kurt Schlichter joins to talk his new book: I Am a Conservative: Uncensored, Undiluted and Absolutely Un-PC.

Wednesday’s Gloating Sesh

Today I brought my drum in studio (one of my kid’s snare drums from their drum kit) to celebrate Wisconsin’s historic victory. Granted, we were all a little delirious from having so little sleep the night before, but it was worth it. THIS is what democracy* looks like.

Caller Joe rang in and cracked us all up with his hysterical gloating.

Below is the full list of the show’s special edition Victory Lap Bumper Trax:

Twelve Questions

Lisa De Pasquale’s latest “De Pasquale’s Dozen” is up at Townhall featuring yours truly. It was refreshing to get questions uniquely unrelated to politics. Reminds me: I need to dig out those Elvis trading cards.

6. What important advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? Did you take it?

After hearing that I got bullied at school one day my mom, the female Clint Eastwood who used to perch a cigarette on her lower lip before she stopped smoking, squinted her eyes at me and said “Don’t you ever get your ass beat. I forbid it. You have a God-given ability to fight back so do it.” I was astounded that I both had permission and that she said “ass” right before “God.” I took it.

Defending the Republic

Friday’s event with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck was a blast and thanks to all of you who helped to make it a both enjoyable and memorable event. Here are a few photos from the night (more coming on 97.1’s website; full video of the night’s event is up now).