Programming Note

I’m in LA tomorrow to be on the panel for “Real Time with Bill Mahr” and to see some folks. It broadcasts live at 9pm central.

In other news, please excuse any (de/con)struction around here shortly as I will be changing up the site.


Big News

I’ve always felt blessed, professionally so the past couple years, with a newspaper column, radio show (third year!), the absolute blast I had working with PJTV, and flying around the country speaking to and covering some pretty amazing people and events.

Things are changing up once again here as it’s announced today that I am taking over as Editor of and filling a pair of rather large shoes left by my predecessor, Michael Walsh. It’s a news junkie’s dream, a dream especially for a print journalism ex-pat-of-sorts who has felt disillusioned by media for quite some time. It’s also an incredible honor and I’m thrilled to be working with such an impressive array of fellow writers.

That also means some changes here. This site will now be strictly related to issues, programming notes, and news about my daily show. Daily content on issues of the day will be featured on the Big sites.

I’m excited for what’s in store. I hope you are, too.