Self-Policing Tea

Classy, that Adam Sharp.

Can we find some liberals to do the same for these?

From Evan Coyne Maloney:

Two things to note:

  • There seem to be an exponentially greater number of people who like to compare Bush/Palin/insert-conservative-here to Hitler as opposed to someone comparing Obama to Hitler by way of socialist policy.
  • I’ve never witnessed non-classical liberals/progressives/socialists police their own in any similar fashion with regards to this particular topic. When in DC covering 8/28 I saw signs comparing Glenn Beck to Hitler. Where is the <fingers>tracker</fingers> website for that?

It’s interesting how the left creates standards and practices for everyone but them to follow. The irony is that their opposition already has standards which they apply themselves and yet this one group that seeks to act like the moral police to the world cannot be called upon to remedy the above behavior in their own party.