Fan Mail

I get on average of several hundred emails per day. The good outweighs the bad and because I read hatemail on air for Mailbag of Hate, I include an assortment of the good stuff here. Thanks to anyone who’s ever taken the time to send a word of kindness.


From: JT [mailto:XXXX]
Sent: Fri 4/30/2010 5:52 AM
To: Dana Loesch; Dana Loesch
Subject: Dana All Dolled Up!!!! :-) and Chancellor Palpatine in Quincy IL

I’m glad I turned on Fox & Friends this morning. I wasn’t paying much attention until I saw a familiar face. WOW!!! You always look good, but this morning you cranked it up. As a Russian would say, [phonetically] “oh-chen kra-see-vah-yah” (very beautiful). I’m guessing you had to attend a very formal meeting this morning.

Yeah, the Imperial March would have been VERY appropriate. Yes, now that Chancellor Palpatine is in charge of The Empire. I am so glad I moved to Tatooine.

Governor Jan Brewer rocks!!! I’m sending her a Thank You note for her [and the AZ legislature’s] courageous action on the front line.
Live from Lubbock,

From: NHxxxx [mailto:XXXX]
Sent: Tue 4/27/2010 4:37 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Andrew Breitbart blows controversy wide open…I love this guy!

Hey Dana,

Listening to your show with Andrew B. on…how cool is this guy!? He keeps conservatives hope up. Like you, when we see public figures out spreading the truth, we have hope. So keep it up.
One of the things he talked about was a message from Politico saying the controversy over the racial slurs during the tea-party rally in Washington was over, and that he “thought you guys won that”….which is just a way of not doing a public retraction or apology by dismissing it from here on.
The problem with that statement is, I was watching Fox this afternoon and Megyn Kelly had two people on discussing the racial conotations of the Arizona bill and Obama’s remarks recently posted. Both people involved were covering this and of course one was a Liberal and the other sane…talking about the slant in reporting the Arizona riots over immigration, and the tea-party rally in Washington and how each was being portrayed by the media. The MSM being very kind to violent protestors in Arizona and very belittling to orderly tea-party protesting in Washington.
When it got to the focus of the debate…race…the Liberal referred to the tea-party attacking the black reps and calling them racial slurs….and he referred to it as a FACT…and that it was reported that way because it was a FACT. The conservative side asked where the proof was that anything actually happened and the Liberal stated “I have the word of civil rights legend …Cleaver…thats enough for me”…or something to that effect. Sorry I can’t be more specific, I was getting ready for work,then driving in and couldn’t record with any accuracy what was said and who these people were on her show.
The point is…the MSM still reports this as actually happening and they continue to use it as fact, when justifying arguments on how they report on protests.
They will never do a public retraction, nor will anyone ever apologize for making those false accusations, and not only that…they will continue to repeat and report this lie as fact until weak-minded people accept it as fact. We are mental slaves to MSM bias and there is literally no way to fix it. If we stop buying and put them down financially, the government will go in and prop them up. If we accept more regulation, we know the conservative shows will be targeted way more than liberal shows that promote Democratic viewpoints. So we are stuck with the lies until something changes in people’s thinking and it seeps into the MSM mentality somehow.
Anyway…gotta get back to work…great show as usual!

Your friend,
Tom H

From: [mailto:toddXXXXX]
Sent: Tue 4/27/2010 11:23 AM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Nice Work!

I saw you on the WPGB website this morning…..keep up the great work!

Continued success!

Todd M

From: matt@xxxxxx [mailto:matt@xxxxxx]

Sent: Thu 4/8/2010 3:56 PM
To: Dana Loesch


A good friend of mine Bryan Binkholder was guest hosting your show a while back. Ever since then I have listened to your show when I can. I really enjoy your humor and listening to your show. Very informative! I am a small business owner in the St. Louis area. I was never into politics until Obama was elected as our president. I feel like the blinders have been pulled off my eyes. Thanks for being genuine and speaking the truth.

Matt B


From: Chris XXX [mailto:chrisxxxxx]
Sent: Mon 4/19/2010 4:00 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Voice Impersonations

Keep up the Southeastern Missouri, British, NY, and valley girl impersonations.
We bust up laughing everytime you do them.
Great job!!!

From: Dan P– [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 4/6/2010 8:27 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: A Trillion Dollars

Every time I hear the words “a trillion dollars”, it makes me wonder what
the average American Citizen pays in income tax per year, and how many years
of the average family paying taxes it takes to make a trillion dollars!

Love your show, keep it up!

Dan P


From: Rashad — [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 4/6/2010 3:04 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Metro convo

Hi Dana,

Big fan! Apropos to your previous conversation, I was wondering how much research has gone into the crime rate as it pertains to westward expansion of the Metro-link. I think many county dwelling citizens have seen and heard reports of crime increasing considerably after expanding toward the Galleria, and they assume the same thing will happen in Chesterfield or wherever… it isn’t a ridiculous stretch to make that supposition. However, I do think expansion would be a good thing for St. Louis City and County. I’m torn.




From: Ed B—- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/31/2010 8:52 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Congtrats!!


My wife showed me your interview on Hard Ball. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You are the
first person that I’ve seen (although I don’t watch Chris much) to stand TOE
TO TOE with not just Chris but 2 freeking LIBERALS> You are an American

Great work. Keep it up, girlfriend.



From: —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 10:43 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Way to go

Saw you on Chris Mathews and thought you were GREAT. You shut down that big wind bag who simply does not have the facts, or choices not to present them to his audience.

I have become more active in politics then any other time in my life. I watch Glenn Beck because I find that he tells the truth and presents facts, however i feel I am not getting enough perspective from the left so I started watching Chris Mathews. I find his approach to be total arrogance. He simply does not present a full picture. Again, thank you for standing up for all Americans keeping focus on the facts and not letting Chris Mathews twist your beliefs and present it falsely.

Paul A


From: GREGORY —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/31/2010 2:30 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: great job

Just saw your teaparty vs on Hardball. Great job staying on topic and staying positive. I loved it.

Keep the faith and dont let them call us racist.

Been married to a black woman for 30yrs and in Idaho that is not the norm. Guess since we want smaller government etc we are both racists….

greg and sharon c


From: Peggy H [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/31/2010 7:17 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Chris Matthews


Just had to let you know that I saw you on the Chris Matthews show a couple of days ago and I must say that I have never enjoyed viewing his show so much. I typically can watch him for about 5-10 minutes before I need to change the channel but I was able to watch the whole segment that you were on. This was the first time that I saw him look absolutely stumped by a guest. You held your own and acted in a very poised and informed matter. Way to go Dana! Thanks for representing the conservative movement in such a classy way.

From a fellow conservative lady in St Louis,
Peggy H


From: Michael C [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 3:30 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Great Job!!!


I have been listing to 97.1 for several years now, but didn’t catch your
show when it was on nights. When your station moved Hannity to nights and
you from 2:00pm to 4:00pm I was a little disappointed. I enjoy listening to
Hannity. II really didn’t get *in* to your first few shows and felt your
station made a mistake putting you on in the afternoon. This was probably
because I hadn’t listened to you before. I must say that my opinion of your
show has changed and now really enjoy your show. It is my opinion now that
97.1 didn’t make a mistake in putting you on in the afternoon.

I have never emailed or called 97.1, but I felt compelled to listening to
your show today when you were accused of being a racist by one of your
callers. You have the guts and testicular fortitude to stand up for what
you, and in most cases, I believe in. You don’t budge an inch and allow for
these socialists to get away with this hate speak painting us conservatives
as racists and hate mongers.

Great job on Larry King as well.

Keep it up.


Michael C


From: —-, Lisa [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 3:40 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: THANK YOU!!

Dana (and staff),

THANK YOU for putting these socialist jerks in their places. If they only knew how truly ignorant they sound repeating their daily talking points. They’re not being trained very well before they open their mouths on shows like yours. It’s so obvious, most of the time, that they really don’t know and understand what they’re talking about. They’re just repeating what they’ve been trained to say. However, they fail to arm themselves with any valid examples. I’m sure that’s because it’s hard to give examples when you really don’t understand what you are talking about. I am really tired of being called a racist because I don’t believe the junk that the SOCIALIST PARTY keeps repeating daily and trying to force upon all of us. I didn’t swallow the lies in their “HEALTHKILL BILL” and I’m sure not planning on swallowing anything else that comes out of their mouths. Keep up the fantastic work. There are many of us out here fighting with you.

St. Charles, MO


From: —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 3:09 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Thank You

I was just listening as you calmly spoke with a self-described liberal caller. I just had to thank you for your calm and accurate rebuttals to his baseless claims about the Tea party folks. Your request for him to be specific undid his premise (a premise he just assumed to be true) and totally changed the conversation. Thanks for being a voice for conservatives. Your ability to direct and frame the conversation is exactly what America needs to help people all over the country open their eyes.
Thanks again
Rebecca P


From: David —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 3:06 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: You go, girl

Hey Dana

Two things:

1) Andrew Breibart is a force. I feel sorry for those IBEW yahoos. They
are about to be raked through some coals that they never even began to
bargain for.

2) Thank you for putting on your big girl pants and facing off with Chris
Matthews and Larry King Live. If they are smart, they will book you
regularly in an attempt to explode their ratings if only for a 15 minute
block. Anyway, you have our attention and we have your back.

Thanks again, Dana. You go, girl.

David ——
Godfrey, IL


From: em [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/29/2010 10:35 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: u r awesome

Caught you on Chris Matthews today…you are freaking awesome!!! You made Chris Matthews look so shallow and weak.
Way to go


From: William —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/29/2010 9:34 PM
To: Dana Loesch

Ms. Loesch,

You made watching Chris Mathews tonight a total pleasure. Next time he plays his promo about ‘catching people’ and ‘nailing them’, I hope he replays your segment.

Now, can you do the olbermann show?

thanks for the laugh,

bill p


From: Ed S [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/29/2010 7:23 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Thank you

I saw you on Hardball today. I am not a fan of most political shows,
especially MSNBC, and I can only take them in doses at best but, I really
enjoyed your contribution today. I am a white man serving in the military, I
don’t hate gays, blacks, latino’s or any one else but I am going to be
called a racist if I didn’t vote for President Obama. I thought that you
were articulate, knowledgable, and presented a conservative point of view
with dignity and respect and I thank you for that.

Edward S


From: on behalf of A. Sinan Unur
Sent: Mon 3/29/2010 7:22 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Cc: A. Sinan Unur

Ms Loesch:

I just watched your segment on Hardball and I want to both
congratulate you and thank you for eloquently putting both Chris
Matthews and the academic from Princeton in their place. It is clear
they are not used to logical arguments but most comfortable yelling
out “racist” at random intervals.

So, just a heartfelt thank you. I had not heard of you until today and
I will be sure to check out your radio show.

Good luck.




From: Chris W [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/29/2010 5:29 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Dana,

You were fabulous with Chris Matthews this evening. Keep up the good work!
We should see you more often to fight back the main stream press.


Chris W


From: AARON —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/24/2010 3:15 PM
To: Dana Loesch

Dear Dana,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how thankful that I am for finding
your radio show. I discovered your show one evening when it ran on
weeknights while I was changing cd’s in my car. While I had no idea who you
were I heard you mention the band Opeth which caught my attention and I
began listening to your show. Since then I have been hooked and I never
miss it. How awesome is it that I found a cool tea party activist who loves
heavy metal/hard rock as much as I do ? You have know idea, sister.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you to keep up the kick ass job. And oh by the
way I took your advice on becoming active in stoping this current
administration and volunteered for Terri Newmans campaign against Jerry
Cosetello here in Illinois.

Up the Irons



From: JT [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/24/2010 1:23 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Your latest visit with Bill O’Reilly

I saw your conversation with Bill O’Reilly and he gave you the standard response that some people give when they want to isolate themselves from what someone tells them. You and others (Breitbart for one) scanned the available audio/video sources to see if someone used offensive language against a member of what is now our version of the USSR’s Politburo. O’Reilly didn’t do any research so he wouldn’t even consider the possibility that you were telling him the truth BUT he seemed to be agreeing with other “legitimate” news sources that repeated the [false witness] accusation.

By the way, in your leather jacket and “bangs” look, you reminded me of the people in the Bourne movies that were highly trained ninja types sent to kill Bourne. This is a compliment, honest!!! I think it would have been cool to see Bourne in a fight with a female assassin. Maybe the audience wouldn’t like seeing Bourne in that situation.

Live from Lubbock (and listening on the Internet)
– jt


From: Van —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/22/2010 11:17 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Excellent spot on Fox.

Hi Dana,

Ive never heard of you before, until watching Fox tonight.

Im impressed. Keep up the excellent work, it’s reassuring to see a pundit or talk show host that’s not strange looking, and a conservative who speaks to the point without parroting other hosts.

Best regards,

Crown Point, IN USA


From: Mark —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/22/2010 11:03 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: New listener

Dana – I just came across your radio show on the internet.

You are the first woman I’ve ever come across that is almost as conservative as I am…………..I think I’m in love ;-)



From: Matt —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Mon 3/22/2010 7:44 PM
To: Dana Loesch

Love the attitude.
Have a single twin?




From: Ron —- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 3/10/2010 4:06 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Socialist Caller today


You rock – I’m sitting in my truck waiting for my daughters bus when I
caught that call. I was picturing the founding fathers putting the
Constitution together and one of them bolting out of their seat
yelling “STOP EVERYTHING! We can’t forget to establish rules to force
citizens into purchasing goods or services the government decides they

Love your show!!

Ron X – Fenton


From: —- — Abu-Khdaier [XX]
Sent: Wed 12/30/2009 5:54 AM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: You on The Savage Nation

Dear Mrs. Loesch,

Last night I had the opportunity to hear you on radio for about 30 minutes (roughly 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. EST) during my drive to work. I was totally impressed about your take on the body scanners being installed in airports. You are right on the money, but all the mainstream media gives us is people touting how important it is, how the inconvenience isn’t an issue, etc. No one seems to get it about basic human dignity. I also agree with you that some profiling is in order.

I had griped early on after 9/11 when government officials crowded the airwaves with their yap about making the American people feel safe to fly again. I’m not interested in feeling safe but in being safe. I don’t need the government to direct what they believe is my correct psychological response to uncertain situations. I need them to secure our borders so that uncertain situations are neutralized.

Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable drive to work. You helped to make me see that my ideas aren’t totally isolated.

XX Abu-Khdaier


From: Matt [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 11/4/2009 10:03 AM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: Dumpdede site, etc….THANK YOU!!


Thank you very much for taking the lead on NY23, establishing the “Dumpdede”
website, etc
I got on board this train about Oct. 20-21, and was trilled with the ride.
Shocked that someone
like Ms. Scozzafava was considered to be the best candidate the Republican
party could nominate
for a congressional district. SHOCKED. Moderate?? Every time an anchor on
MSNBC, or Headline
News, or CNN called her that, it drove me crazy…..!!

I have been to 5 – 7 Tea Parties, Townhalls, etc……Loved this calling out
of the NRCC and Gingrich.
BTW, I am still hoping for a ‘mea culpa’ from Newt and him coming
around….I still think the man can
give clear, concise, historical, fact based defense of conservatism; so much
better at this in person
than several of our representatives….He blew it on this endorsement of
Dede but I am still hoping
for a turnabout from him and a more positive embracing of the conservative
return-to-roots movement.

I love to read Sowell, Coulter, Bruce, Friedman, Hayek, Listen to Limbaugh,
Ingraham, Hannity, and Beck and
Breitbart, Bachman. Support the passion and purpose of Palin…..Look
forward to seeing more of your
articles.on BigHollywood, etc.

I thank God for positive, intelligent, common-sense, passionate individuals
such as yourself in our country
who give a darn and care enough to fight the good fight.

Thank You Dana!

Warmest Regards,

Kansas City, MO


From: Michael B—- [mailto:XX]
Sent: Wed 10/7/2009 6:18 PM
To: Dana Loesch
Subject: From an Old Dude

Hi Dana,

A few months back I heard you on Fox and I googled your name to see who you
were. I’ve been listening to your show ever since via podcast (from Norfolk,
VA). I know you advertise yourself as an “alternative to old dudes” but I
want you to know that there are a few old guys out here who appreciate you
and what you are doing. I am old enough (just past 60) to worry about where
things are headed and what will happen to our children. I don’t find many
things to be encouraged about. But I do find great encouragement in what
young dudes and dudettes like you are doing. Maybe God is not through with
this country just yet! Anyway, I know you receive a good bit of hate mail
from fake or terribly misguided “Christians”. I just wanted to counter it
with a little love and admiration from Virginia. And yes, I am a Christian,
rather conservative and hopefully not fake. Keep up the good work. Your
voice needs to be heard more widely. No need to respond. I know you are

Mike B