Silly Women, Politics Are For Men

So this happened today.

If one doesn’t intend to promote the idea that women can’t have “astute” observations without taking lead from their male colleagues, one should better articulate their written opinion.

That said, as I noted on Twitter, if I had participated in a Secret Romney Meeting, so? Media Matters colludes weekly with the White House via conference calls. Progressives are opposed to that in which they themselves engage? Of course, that doesn’t merit articles at Mediaite, apparently, but the suggestion that I’m able to teleport from a live radio show (with webcam!) to DC for a meeting all at once somehow does.


Twelve Questions

Lisa De Pasquale’s latest “De Pasquale’s Dozen” is up at Townhall featuring yours truly. It was refreshing to get questions uniquely unrelated to politics. Reminds me: I need to dig out those Elvis trading cards.

6. What important advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? Did you take it?

After hearing that I got bullied at school one day my mom, the female Clint Eastwood who used to perch a cigarette on her lower lip before she stopped smoking, squinted her eyes at me and said “Don’t you ever get your ass beat. I forbid it. You have a God-given ability to fight back so do it.” I was astounded that I both had permission and that she said “ass” right before “God.” I took it.

Wisconsin Tax Day Rally

Wisconsin is ground zero in the battle for liberty and freedom, especially economic freedom. Gov. Scott Walker’s reforms are working, and big labor is mad. They’re attempting to recall Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and targeting the latter in the way that progressives do best: by preaching women’s equality while sexually demeaning conservative women. That, my friends, is the real War On Women.

Join me and others as we rally with conservative patriots on April 14th and help Wisconsin push back to save the progress they’ve made. Details below.

Saturday April 14th from 11:30am to 1pm
Wisconsin State Capitol, King Street Entrance

 Confirmed Speakers Include:
Fox News Contributor – James T. Harris
Conservative Talk Show Host – Vicki McKenna – Dana Loesch
Gateway Pundit – Jim Hoft
PJTV – Stephen Kruiser
Nashville Recording Artist – Krista Branch
AFP WI State Director – Luke Hilgemann

Invited Speakers Include:
Governor Sarah Palin – Invited
Actor Jon Voight – Invited
NRO & Fox News – Jonah Goldberg – Invited
Navy Seal Team 8 – Chris Mark Heben – Invited

 Join us! Be there as thousands of patriots descend on the capitol in Madison to fight for smaller government, lower taxes and increased economic freedom!

Profile In the Daily Beast

A well-rounded profile from Tricia Romano over at the Daily Beast:

“I think her angle is different,” said Instapundit’s Reynolds. “She’s much more of a flyover country person. She’s from St. Louis—it kind of shows in her approach. She’s more interested in persuading people or having them hear her out.”

“She speaks for a vein of conservatism that isn’t very well represented in this country,” he continued. “You’ve got your sort of National Review-style conservatism, your social con–Rick Santorum style of conservatism, and here’s this rock ’n’ roll chick. She showed up on some show—when the Tea Party movement was very new, it was mostly portrayed as scary, right-wing, angry white males—but she showed up to an event wearing a Public Enemy shirt. That’s just brilliant.”