One of the MoAC schools those calling the tea parties “racist”

You may just want to pull up a chair and get some popcorn ready because Dena just brought it. This is DEFINITIVE reading:

I am a part of the Tea Party movement because I believe in the things that it stands for. But of course, my Black skin dictates I cannot be a Republican or a conservative so they call me a Republican plant. Let’s see what else have I been called as a part of this Tea Party movement?

Also, check this out: Jim at Gateway Pundit has a post about what the Democrats are saying about the tea parties that will get your blood boiling.

Am I a Terrorist?

Of course not. But according to a new report from Gov. Jay Nixon, I may be because of my stance on immigration, my fondness for the “Don’t tread on me flag,” among other policy issues I hold. Unreal. This is our taxpayer dollars at work, people: political persecution.

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MIAC Strategic Report – The Modern Militia Movement

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