Defending the Republic

Friday’s event with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck was a blast and thanks to all of you who helped to make it a both enjoyable and memorable event. Here are a few photos from the night (more coming on 97.1’s website; full video of the night’s event is up now).

GOP throws tantrum, takes it out on Palin. Again.

So let me get this straight: the party that refused to cover Palin on the trail, the party that left her to fend off McCain trolls’ criticisms, the party that trotted her out like a show horse and got offended when her popularity soared over that of the actual presidential candidate – proving that the RNC powers-that-be were embarrassingly wrong about their estimation of conservatives’ viability on the trail – is upset that she “snubbed” them? They’re lucky that they just got off with a snub.