Meet the New Doug Hoffman

Scott Brown. As I mentioned on air last week, this is could be even bigger than Scozzafava with the right amount of support. While Scozzafava was a stand against the establishment within the GOP, this is a fight against national socialism flown under the guise of health care. From the Weekly Standard:

… someone might want to commission a poll in Massachusetts to see what might happen if the Senate race could be made a referendum on Obamacare. Brown and Coakley debated last night, and they clashed on the health care bill. But so far as I can tell, Brown didn’t emphasize that by electing him, the voters of Massachusetts have a chance to save the country from Obamacare. What if there were a massive independent expenditure that made that point?

Yes, yes, all politics are local. Except when they’re not, like in the case of being a deciding vote on fauxcare.


Think Scott Brown Can’t Win? Here’s Why He Can