The Advocate ‘Advocates’ The Bullying Of Children Online

Last night on Twitter I noticed an inordinate amount of adult progressives attacking a 13 year-old on Twitter because of his remarks on his online radio show. I don’t listen to his radio show or know his remarks, but agreement with speech shouldn’t be the litmus test in telling grown men, women, and a national publication to stop cyber bullying a child.

As a result, The Advocate has chosen to target me, sending surrogates who ironically preach “NOH8” to defend the publication like this:

Last week I noticed a progressive child going after conservative teens — what The Advocate would call “bullying” if the ideologies were reversed — and myself. As I’m not into the left’s practice of targeting children online over politics, I simply hit “block.”

If The Advocate didn’t like this kid’s show, they should have done the same.